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September 2010

Dear Members,

As we prepare for the annual FTVA Reunion, there are poignant reminders of the significance and value of renewing and retaining old friendships and acquaintances. The loss of an icon such as Maj Gen Paul Martin, a man who dynamically led the Electronic Security Command and meant so much to so many people, prompts us to reflect on the importance of relationships with our friends and FTVA family. We mourn the passing of Maj Gen Martin and hope his family will find comfort in the words, messages, and writings of our members. Despite our collective grief, we're also rewarded by remembering the accomplishments and successes realized under his leadership, and hope these will serve as an example to us and our successor generations. I'm very thankful for your involvement—not just for the responses to our posts on the website, Facebook, and various e-groups, but also for our ability to assist and work with Maj Gen Heithold's outstanding staff during this difficult period.

On a much brighter note, our 2010 Hall of Honor inductees would comprise a veritable "Who's Who" list at the national level, not to mention the AF Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance Agency and her predecessor organizations. Please join me in congratulating General-Ret Michael V. Hayden, Lt Gen John C. Koziol, CMSgt-Ret Edward L Barnes, and CMSgt-Ret Donald W. Hatcher on their selections to this prestigious list. We look forward to celebrating their incredible accomplishments and seeing each of them occupy a well-deserved permanent spot on the wall of the Bernard A. Larger Auditorium. Again, we all owe Bob Sherwood and his committee profound thanks for their integrity, time, and effort with this extremely competitive process.

In June, I had an outstanding visit with CMSgt Rick Ricker, AFISRA Command Chief. I'm extremely happy to report that he's on the FTVA team in virtually all categories; very knowledgeable and supportive of our Association and very appreciative of what we've done for Agency programs. I was most interested in his report of world-wide AFISRA operations based on his recent tour. Chief Ricker's description of the outstanding work being done by our current generation

of "Silent Warriors" didn't surprise me at all, and his own extensive deployment experiences as a front-line leader in Afghanistan and the United Arab Emirates over the past 8 years is readily evident. Chief, a belated "welcome aboard"! We're glad to have you in San Antonio!

I've also had the opportunity to visit with members from Reno, Denver, Dayton, Greenville, and other parts (known and unknown) during the past three months. I continue to find an active and committed membership, and I look forward to a year of growth within our association. Again I ask that you remain vigilant for eligible members, show them the benefits of membership, and "sponsor" them into the organization. By the way, no one does this better (or more aggressively) than Rich "SAC" Sachetti of the Gold Country Chapter.

If you haven't already done so, now is the time to commit to our reunion! We've got a great weekend planned, and all the information is easily available via a multitude of sources such as the newsletters, website, social networks, and usual contacts/board members. An addition to our regular activities is the dedication of a new Senior Scout model in the AFISRA courtyard at 9:00 a.m., September 24, 2010, prior to the Remembrance Ceremony. This will be an outstanding addition to this beautiful area, and we look forward to participating in this event. Most of all, we look forward to seeing and celebrating with all of you!

Remain In Touch,
Lee Anthony,
FTVA President

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