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President's Corner - December 2014

Howdy FTVA Members,

Well, the run-on holiday season is approaching at the speed of light. The stores are combining Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas into one swirl making it harder to separate them. We had another successful Anniversary season with our annual golf outing, a new endeavor with Laura Shanahan packing holiday boxes for our deployed personnel, the Remembrance Ceremony, Picnic, Hall of Honor, and Saturday night Banquet. Very special this year: four great HOH inductees and an outstanding banquet guest speaker, General Mike Hayden. Maj "Meat" Waters led a dedicated AF ISR Agency team, with significant help from key FTVA Board members, through a gauntlet of activities and "devils in the details" mine-field pretty much unscathed. Unfortunately, recent changes in the Air Force have made it harder to get on base without an ID card (even though the process had been fully coordinated with the base security forces in advance); and no fly-overs or 21-gun salutes due to money issues, etc. The AF ISR Agency (now 25th Air Force) team will continue to refine our checklists. If you have ideas on how we can improve these activities, please let us know so we can pass them on to our Active Duty team.

Now that the AF ISR Agency has reorganized into 25th Air Force, it's now Six Shields over Security Hill instead of Six Flags over Texas. The organization is back under Air Combat Command (ACC) like we were in 2001. This time we are a Numbered Air Force vs a Primary Subordinate Unit (PSU). We have added the 55th Wing at Offutt AFB that fly RC- 135s, EC-130s and E-4Bs and the 9th Reconnaissance Wing at Beale AFB flying U-2Rs, RQ-4s (Global Hawk), and the MC-12s (Project Liberty aircraft). So, we have the iron and the back-end under one organization for the first time. NASIC was left under the AF/A2.

Bottom line, nothing has changed for the FTVA. We continue to support 25th AF, its units, and especially its people. Over the years, some unit nomenclatures may have changed and some locations may have changed, but they still do the same, critical missions we were all a part of back ‘in the day’. So if you hear about an old/young intelligence command buddy you worked with and they aren't a FTVA member, encourage them to join our fraternity of brother/sister silent warriors. From Korea to Desert Shield/Storm, to countless other conflicts to the present day, there is no better way for all of us to "Remain in Touch" than the FTVA.

Cheers, Ron

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