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P.O. Box 691616
San Antonio, TX 78269-1616

Our 19th annual reunion held in September 2000 was a tremendous success; we hope to do better at our 20th reunion scheduled for 27 through 29 September 2001. Don't forget to check our WEB CITE which will contain information on our activities and it will keep you posted on all of the Associations activities. Once again my personal congratulations to the Hall of Honor inductees for the year 2000: Major General John E. Morrison, Jr; Colonel Wayne B. Fau; CMSGT Daniel N. D'apolito; CMSGT Thomas G. Nurre; SMSGT Larry R. Tart. Let me also thank everyone on the BOD and at AIA who were involved with the reunion festivities; it couldn't of happened with out your support. General Wright and our AIA Liaison Officer, Colonel Lynn Wakefield were very instrumental in getting our active duty force to participate in this years festivities. As a result of their efforts, our membership is again on the growth. Also thanks to Bob Baert for his efforts with the membership and WEB activities.

We encourage organizations to hold their own individual reunion activities under the umbrella of the FTVA Reunion, and hope it continues. We also encourage scheduling of their events so that there is no conflict with the Reunion events.

The September reunion also brings new members to the BOD. John Worthington was elected to a two-year term as Vice-president, and Bob Cope was reelected to a two year term as the Association Treasurer. Grover McMakin is the new Social Director and General Grover Jackson well be doing our Official Activities. Grover is already running and if he hasn't, he will be contacting our Vigilant Partners present, past and future; GOOO Grover!

As we get into the holiday season, have a safe one maintain your health and enjoy your family and friends.

Remain in touch.

Mike Feldblum,
President, Freedom Through Vigilance Association

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