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Dear Freedom Through Vigilance Association Members:

It’s that time again! Our 18th Annual Reunion will be held 23 through 25 September 1999. If you recall last year’s event got a little damp and at the last minute the banquet was canceled. We had a great program scheduled in conjunction with the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of our Command. We have asked the "higher-ups" to postpone any chances of rain until after this year’s events. This years guest speaker will be Major General John E. Morrison (USAF Retired). The enclosures mailed to you in the FTVA Reunion Package have all the details you’ll need to line up a terrific weekend. Once again, we ask our members to quickly respond by signing-up in advance for this year’s festivities! Also, don’t forget to vote on our slate of candidates if you can’t make it to our Membership Meeting on Saturday, 25 September 1999. At this year’s Membership Meeting we will be voting on reverting back to the name of USAFSS/ESC Alumni Association, absentee ballots, and electing a new slate of officers. This year’s banquet will be held at Mitchell Hall, Lackland AFB, Building 2300 (You can take exit 4 -- Valley High Drive -- off of Hwy 410 or use the main entrance off of Loop 13) on Saturday, 25 September 1999. The cost of the banquet will remain at $20.00. Our colleague and long time friend Paul Bernard wants to join us again this year and will be taking individual or group photos. Paul is offering two photo packages: package 1 - for $8.00 which includes one 8x10 and package 2 - for $15.00 which includes one 8x10, two 5x7, and four 4x5 pictures, and an 8x10 group shot with a caption for $9.00(minimum of 20 people in a group to get this rate). We will hold our Remembrance Ceremony at the EC-47 memorial - an annual tradition on Friday before the PICNIC. We will help AIA rededicate the beloved "goon" to all of those who gave their lives in service to their country and we will recognize our Fallen Eagles. Please plan to be there with us to honor all who made "Freedom Through Vigilance." Some of the organizations are taking us to heart and holding reunions in conjunction with the Freedom through Vigilance Reunion. We want to be the umbrella under which all can share the memories of the past and the comradeship of today. The Board would like to personally thank all of you for making us the great association we are. Let’s hear from you REMAIN IN TOUCH.


                                                                            Mike Feldblum

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