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President's Corner - September 2015

Fellow Silent Warriors,

By looking at our website, Emails, Facebook and other social media, sounds like we're going to have a good crowd at the upcoming Anniversary activities...the more the merrier. We will sit down with the new 25th AF/CC this month and will go over all the details for the 3 days of events coming up in Sept. If you haven't sent in your golf reservation and for your banquet tickets, do so soon. It should be another memorable occasion.

The FTVA was well represented at (now) Lt-Gen Shanahan's going away luncheon, Change of Command and promotion ceremony. We presented the Shanahan's a copy of a check that we had sent The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund in their name. The General and Laura have been advocates, friends and marketers for the FTVA over the last two years. Additionally at the Change of Command, it was great to hear General "Hawk" Carlisle talk about the history of USAFSS, ESC, etc. over the years until the present date 25th AF. The history of the units were brought to life during his speech. The new commander of 25th AF, Maj Gen B.J. Shwedo is now firmly in the seat and receiving the proverbial fire-hose from his staff and his six Wings. He is an intelligence officer with a variety of assignments and expertise, plus extensive cyber knowledge.

We also made a presentation during the recent retirement of a friend and an important FTVA Board member Mr. Ken Williams. Ken and Sheila have been stalwarts in support of virtually every FTVA function over many, many years. Luckily for us, he is maintaining his important Board job. So when you see him, please congratulate him and Sheila on another milestone in their lives.

Our good friend Barnie Gavin has started up his third FTVA Chapter, this time in San Antonio..."The Alamo Chapter". He has a great group of supporting chapter officers and cast members. So, if anyone wants a new Chapter in his/her area, give Barnie a call...he's the man. It is also good to see the reinvigoration of the National Capital Region Chapter. It is especially good to see both the retired personnel and active duty getting involved from the beginning. Getting the interest and support of the active duty and recently retired is extremely important to ensure we continue to get an infusion of new blood in our association.

Before I close, I want to personally thank Rass and his newsletter team plus Bob Baert with our Web & Membership responsibility...both are continuing to do a magnificent job. And if you haven't seen this newsletter on-line, you should because it is a superb product.

I hope to see many of you at the upcoming anniversary activities, 24-26 Sept. Invite your flight & crew mates to join the FTVA and join in the festivities. If you're not there, you know you will be the brunt of the war stories. :-)

And as always...Remain in Touch!


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