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President's Corner - September 2013

Dear Members,

Much has taken place as we continue to work toward September's Reunion activities! In June, we said goodbye to Maj Gen Bob Otto and welcomed Maj Gen Jack Shanahan as the new AFISRA Commander. General Shanahan attended our July Board of Directors Meeting (see pp 7-8). He is well aware of our support through the years, and we look forward to his vision and leadership as he guides the Agency's intricate missions and responsibilities. We were also pleased to have had a combination of Rocky Mountain and Heritage Chapter representation at the July meeting. Both of these chapters have been extremely active during the past few months, as evidenced by the Ratchett 33 memorial ceremony and plans for the EC-47 ARDF display at Goodfellow (see pp 19-21).

I often encounter active duty personnel, retirees, and alumni who are unfamiliar with the FTVA. I'd like to challenge each of you to be proactive in identifying those eligible for membership and encourage them to join the Association. Familiarize them with our website, Facebook page, and assist in obtaining membership documents via the website, newsletter, or pamphlets. Bob Baert works hard to facilitate access for new members. New members are our lifeline for continued success and support – without them, FTVA becomes a stagnant and diminishing organization. Please contact us with any ideas you may have to publicize our efforts and expand our overall membership.

This is my final President's Corner. I've been very fortunate to serve with a great Board of Directors, Chapters, and a dedicated membership for two terms, and will continue to contribute to the Association in any way possible. We have a great organization that provides key support for many deserving people and a common connection for our members. This isn't possible without an active membership and the generosity of individuals, families, and corporate Vigilant Partners. Jen and I have been fortunate and proud to represent you in a variety of venues, and we've continually heard compliments and words of thanks from so many organizations and individuals. We sincerely appreciate your participation and look forward to seeing many of you during the upcoming reunion and future activities!

Remain In Touch.


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