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President's Corner - September 2012

Dear Members,

There's still time for you to participate in this year's reunion! The FTVA Board of Directors, Maj Gen Otto, Major James Wright, and the entire AFISRA staff are preparing to celebrate the 64th anniversary of the United States Air Force Security Service and look forward to seeing you and your family in attendance. As usual, we'll hold the golf tournament on Thursday, September 27th, the Remembrance Ceremony and picnic on Friday, September 28th, and close with the Hall of Honor, FTVA annual membership meeting, and banquet on Saturday, September 29th. Brig Gen (ret) Scott Bethel will be our guest speaker, and I guarantee an entertaining evening for all.

As with any volunteer organization, there are numerous people working behind the scenes to make the FTVA successful. One is Vice President Ron Haygood, who attends to numerous FTVA-related issues while serving within the AF ISR Agency. Ron is invaluable to the entire Board of Directors. He is always available to represent, discuss, and brief FTVA activities anytime with virtually no prior notice, and I particularly appreciate his FTVA presentation to members of the 93rd IS during this past quarter.

Another great volunteer is Debbie Cope, who annually performs the most distasteful task within the FTVA - federal income taxes! Debbie commits so much time to our Association, and there's no way we can repay her efforts in this arena. I am sincerely grateful for her years of service to the FTVA in this and many other capacities.

Our chapters continue to flourish. The leaders and memberships are energized, and they are establishing great support relationships with local AF ISR Agency organizations. CMSgt Al Dowling, HOH 2011, is now working with the 70th ISR Wing and revitalizing efforts within the National Capital Chapter. I look forward to hearing all chapter updates at this year's annual meeting, and thank each of you for assisting in our efforts to

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