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As we approach the capstone of the FTVA year, I'd like to again urge each of you to make all efforts to attend our annual reunion festivities 22 – 24 September 2011! The FTVA and the AF ISR Agency collectively are excited to sponsor and host the festivities, and we're particularly honored to have Lt Gen Larry D. James, AF/A2, as the guest speaker for our banquet. I had the honor of meeting Lt Gen James during the recent AFISRA Change of Command festivities, and look forward to hearing more of his experiences (particularly with the space shuttle program) and perspective on current events.

As with any Change of Command, we experienced mixed emotions. It was a true pleasure to witness Lt Gen Heithold's promotion ceremony, and difficult to see this dynamic leader's departure after a momentous tenure as AFISRA/CC. At the same time we welcome the arrival of Maj Gen Otto, an impressive warrior who brings so much depth and experience to the intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance fields. We look forward to this new relationship and sincerely wish General Otto the utmost success as he leads AFISRA during these challenging times.

Please join me in congratulating another outstanding group of Hall of Honor selectees: Brig Gen Charles L. Bishop, Col Wyatt "Chris" Cook, CMSgt Alan Dowling, and GG-15 Jimmy R. Jones. It is so appropriate that their collective and individual accomplishments be celebrated and documented in the walls of AFISRA, and we look forward to their upcoming induction ceremony during the reunion activities. Once again, Bob Sherwood's team experienced a grueling and painstaking selection process to recognize the "Best of the Best", and I'm grateful for their commitment, ethics, and integrity.

We continue to experience deep loss within our membership, and this will be profoundly evident during the upcoming Remembrance Ceremony. I hope each of you take the opportunity to reflect on the relationships you experienced with those who have passed, and renew your support not only to each other, but to those who are actively carrying the AFISRA torch. I'm intensely proud of what the FTVA does for ALL generations, and thank each of you for enabling the Association through your membership, contributions, and spirit of volunteerism. Please join us in remembrance and celebration during our upcoming reunion!

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