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President´s Corner - September 2007

Dear FTVA Members,

Well, it's that time of the year again for the annual FTVA reunion and the chance to renew old friendships and memories and to get that important update from the Air Force Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance Agency (AF ISR Agency) commander on the important challenges facing the command as it moves into the new relationship as a Field Operating Agency (FOA) under HQ AFs/A2.

It is with a sad heart that I inform you all that Major General Doyle E. Larson (retired) recently passed away after a long illness.  Additional information is provided in the newsletter.  Major General Larson was the vision behind the Sensor Olympics program and the Freedom Through Vigilance Association.  He will be missed.

Your board of directors is fully engaged with an action group from Security Hill to do the detailed planning for the September 27-29 events. As I've participated in this planning over the past several years, I'm always struck with just how much has to get done to make our reunion a success. Based on our most recent discussions with the active duty staff, everything is on track for the September reunion.  Weather in San Antonio is sometimes not what we think of as fall. If you're attending this year bring sun block. Keep an eye out for the 2008 calendar featuring pictures from places we grew to love (well, most of the time) while serving there. More details about the calendar appear elsewhere in this issue of the newsletter. Doug Holden did a nice job on the calendars.  Hope to see you at the reunion festivities.

This will be my final President's Corner. My two-year term as president of your board of directors is up after the September reunion. I've enjoyed the opportunity to lead the monthly sessions we hold to review how our association is doing, and I want to publicly thank and praise your directors for their time and effort in guiding the association's course. Your association is strong both financially and in terms of commitment to preserving and strengthening our heritage, and supporting important people recognition programs for today's active duty force. It has been my honor and privilege to serve as your president.

Keep in touch,


Bob Crabtree


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