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PRESIDENT'S CORNER - September 2004

At a time when your board of directors is moving at full speed in preparation for the annual FTVA reunion, there are a couple of topics that I would appreciate your keeping "front and center.”

One is our objective of bringing new members aboard. Today our membership total is in the 1,900 to 2,000 range, a level it has settled at over the last couple of years. Please give some consideration to recruiting old and new acquaintances to join our ranks. FTVA is continuing to do a fine job in supporting today’s AIA people programs, and in preserving and strengthening the spirit of heritage that binds all generations of people who have served "the command.” With more members, we can do even better. And don’t forget that the reunion provides an excellent opportunity to renew your own membership in person, something that happens many times each year.

Second, we are all part of the run-up to this fall’s elections. I can think of no election in the last 50 years where the national security-related issues were more urgent than is the case this year. The freedoms that we all served (and are still serving) to defend are on the line. Now is the time to play our most important role as citizens of this great Nation—to vote for our choices for the political leadership. I urge everyone to cast their ballots and encourage all those around you to do the same. The issues are too important to leave to "them” to decide. We are the "them.”

Keep in touch,

Grover Jackson


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