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PRESIDENT'S CORNER - September 2003

As you receive this edition of Remain In Touch, you should have already sent in your reservations and check(s) for the Reunion weekend. If you didn't receive your reunion packet, misplaced it or the dog ate it, you can still be a part of this year's celebration. There's still time but seating for the reunion Banquet is limited so you need to act now. At last report we still had slots available for the Golf Tournament but that too will fill up soon. Go to the Association's Web Site,, download the forms and other information, fill out the forms, write check(s) and mail them post haste to Grover "Mac" McMakin. We going to have another great turnout, and we want you to be part of it.

Information Warfare has really come to the forefront as a key element in defeating the enemies we face today. The cyber world, coupled with sophisticated advances in technology, has significantly changed the nature of war fighting. Many of those advances and successes in battle have captured headlines, and many more, appropriately, will never be recounted on CNN or elsewhere. We are especially looking forward to hearing our guest speaker for the Reunion Banquet, Lieutenant General Michael Hayden. As Director of the National Security Agency we know he'll be able to shed some light on the invaluable work our silent warriors have done and are doing in the war on terrorism.

This will be my last President's Corner as I will pass the gavel to the new President after the Annual Meeting. Your leadership team has selected some outstanding nominees to fill the officer positions on your Board of Directors who I know will carry on the tradition of service to the Association membership and to the Command. I have been blessed during my term as your President with a group of Board members who are talented, dedicated and give of their time freely and willingly for the benefit of all of us. I thank them one and all. I also want to acknowledge the strong support of Major General Paul Lebras and his staff. He believes in the importance of maintaining the heritage of the command from its earliest beginnings to today's modern, high-tech Information Warfare machine. From the day he assumed command, General Lebras has welcomed and acknowledged your Association as an important adjunct to the command and has included FTVA in numerous command activities and events. And, I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to our Vigilant Partners. Their continued financial contributions have helped us average more than $9,000 a year in financial support to the command to help underwrite a number of key personnel recognition programs.

While we are proud of the tremendous performance of all our Armed Forces men and women in the recent operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, the conflict is still ongoing. Daily reports of casualties in Iraq and terrorist acts around the globe remind us that the command's motto, and our organization's name -- Freedom Through Vigilance -- really stand for the key role our military plays in helping maintain our way of life and assuring the freedom of our children and grandchildren in the future. Please keep our troops in your thoughts and prayers.

So, it's Reunion time once again. Come help us remember those who have passed on, honor those who epitomize the excellence we all strive for, get the latest on AIA from the "head shed," elect new Board leaders for your Association, demonstrate your prowess on the links, relax with a cold beverage and with old and new friends at the Command picnic and get a big picture view of the challenges we face from our guest speaker at the Banquet. It will be a great time, and it will be even better if you are part of it.

Hope to see you in September and, remain in touch.

// Signed //

John Worthington

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