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Fellow Members:

Your Freedom Through Vigilance Association continues to provide vital financial support to the Air Intelligence Agency’s personnel recognition programs. On 1 April, the Association co-hosted AIA’s 1st Annual Tri-Awards Banquet – an event that provided Agency-level recognition for the Company Grade Officer of the Year, honoring eight of the Agency’s outstanding company grade officers; the Individual Mobilization Augmentee of the Year; the Gordon W. Sommers Outstanding Civilian of the Year, honoring three of the Agency’s outstanding civilians; and, the Chaplain of the Year (Sensor Chaplain). Attending as Association representatives from your Board of Directors were Mike Feldblum and Ernie Short. Similarly, your Association is providing financial support to AIA’s outstanding airman week, which culminates with the Outstanding Airman of the Year Awards Banquet on 27 May.

The honorees at these events are most deserving of the recognition they receive and, as an Association member, you should experience a warm moment of pleasure for having contributed to the success of these programs. In furtherance of that thought, I thank those who have recently renewed their membership and, additionally, I extend a special word of thanks to those who have actively recruited new members. On behalf of your board of directors, as well as the entire membership, I sincerely welcome our new members to the association. Further, I would be terribly remiss if I failed to acknowledge the personal efforts and dedication of Bob Baert, our Membership Director and Webmeister, whose invaluable contributions have been instrumental in the Association’s membership increasing to nearly two thousand. Thank you and well done, Bob!

Speaking of special friends who have unselfishly volunteered innumerable hours of personal time and effort to the success of your Association, Grover and Betty McMakin are without peer and in a class by themselves. Not only has Grover most recently been your Association’s esteemed "Minister of Finance" on the Board of Directors, but Grover and Betty have routinely been involved in the planning, organizing and coordinating of annual reunions and other events. Grover and Betty recently moved from San Antonio to Florida; and, although they have pledged to remain active members of our Association and return for the annual reunions, I am taking the occasion of their relocation to acknowledge their generous contributions and to offer a heartfelt "Thank you for making a difference."

As a reminder, the Freedom Through Vigilance Association’s 18th Annual Reunion will be held 23-25 September 1999. Planning and coordinating activities have been initiated to provide for our traditional schedule of events. Do plan to join us in San Antonio this September for the Association’s 18th Annual Reunion.

Godspeed and Remain in Touch.

                                                                                        Bob Sherwood

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