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President's Corner - June 2016

Spring is here. Basketball and hockey seasons are coming to an end (Go Spurs Go), while baseball is just getting in gear. Looks like weather has been kind of crazy across the states. We've had some interesting weather here this Spring in San Antonio with the much needed rain coupled with some hellish hailstorms...USAA is getting a lot of business.

We had a great time at the FTVA's Spring Social last week. Even though we had a lighter turnout than last year’s, we enjoyed the camaraderie and numerous war stories being told around the tables. Brig. Gen. Lambert was our guest speaker and talked about the significant changes he has seen in the last six years since joining AFISRA/25th Air Force. One of the biggest changes was his starting up the Cyber ISR Group at Ft Meade with barely 400 people that has quadrupled in size in six years...not including the added units in the AF Reserves and Air National Guard.

On 26 April, several of us attended the stand-up of the 625th Ops Center. Directly following the ceremony, the Ops Center facility was named in honor of Mr. Ken Williams. It will affectionately be called the "KWOC". Ken cut the ribbon with Sheila and a host of FTVA members in attendance.

The planning has started for September's Anniversary activities. Maj Octavia Heard is the 25AF's POC for all the events. Some slight changes will be occurring this year, like a change of venue for the Golf Tournament. Also, you still have time to submit nominees for the Hall of Honor...there are a lot of deserving Airmen out there, so don't procrastinate, "getter done"! I know it will be another great series of events, so start your plans to attend now.

Finally, the Board always encourages suggestions and feedback. Whether its ways to encourage new membership, chapter news or ways to support our troops/units, don't hesitate to contact us thru our web-site. We are here to support...and as always "Remain in Touch".


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