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President's Corner - June 2014

June 2014

Howdy FTVA Members,

Spring/Summer is here and change is in the air. We are expecting an announcement any day from the Chief of Staff of the Air Force on another organization change. The AF ISR Agency will be morphing again with a new name and a new subordination. Stay tuned and see what develops. However, no matter the name, the FTVA will continue to support its people and units serving around the world.

Last month, the FTVA supported the first annual AF ISR Agency's Deployer Family Picnic. It was a beautiful day, the turnout was good, great food and drink, and activities and bouncy castles for the kids. The FTVA bought most of the food and there were several chefs including our own Ken Williams...and he didn't even burn any burgers or dogs. The Agency's Directorates formed teams and competed in multiple games with the A5/8/9 team (use to be called XP) edging out a win. A fun day for all.

In continuing our close work with the Agency and our active duty airmen, we were allowed to give our FTVA marketing pitch to the recent Squadron Commander's Course participants. Thirty-two new CC's that will be taking over squadrons this summer listened intently and even asked a few I know they were awake. It is important that we advertise and market our organization to our current silent warriors to keep the infusion of new blood and new members.

Finally, plans are underway for our annual anniversary activities the end of September. Make your plans now to join us for the golf tournament, the Remembrance Ceremony, the picnic, the Hall of Honor Ceremony, and Anniversary Banquet. We are honored to announce that Gen (retired) Mike Hayden will be our guest speaker at the banquet. Should be a great three days of events. Come on out and enjoy the festivities, see some old friends, meet some new friends, tell a few war stories and hear some new ones. See you there.

Remain in Touch.... Ron

From our FTVA Vice President

Each quarter, the FTVA Newsletter staff compiles and prints over 1,500 newsletters. The vast majority are sent out "snail-mail" to FTVA membership. Currently over 300 members have elected to receive their copy of the newsletter via electronic means: members receive the information sooner and save us the expense of printing and postage, which can then be redirected to worthy causes the FTVA supports. Furthermore, everything in the softcopy version is sharper and in color whereas the hardcopy version is in black & white. You have a choice to have the newsletter in the format you want, and this is one great option for those of us who are online frequently! To sign up for electronic delivery, simply go to the FTVA website ( and under the "Newsletter and Membership Directory Notes" click on the link "this form", fill it out and submit.

FTVA Transition Mentorship

Some military members have a difficult time transitioning into civilian life when the time comes. I believe that we (FTVA) can help, because a large percentage of our membership has already made that transition. When military personnel retire/separate, they potentially lose three things they've counted on over the years:

1. Sense of Pupose
2. Sense of Family
3. Sense of Income

In order to successfully transition, I believe planning and preparation are the keys to filling the potential voids we may face. Those plans ideally should start at about three years prior to separation/retirement. Obviously, for various reasons, we don't always know when our last day in uniform will be. However, with a focus on now, coupled with a vision for tomorrow, transition doesn't have to be overwhelming. I advocate a three-step process for our transitioning warriors:

1. Find a mentor (i.e. an FTVA member who wants to mentor!)
2. Develop a plan that meets the purpose, family & financial goals/needs
3. Prepare – This is the action of mentally and financially preparing for the last day in uniform.

If you would like to mentor someone, simply email Andy Smith at aasmitty3 at Also, keep an eye out for transition activity on the FTVA Facebook page.

V/r Andy

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