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President's Corner - June 2005

Dear FTVA Members,

I'd like to thank our President, Grover Jackson for the opportunity, as a guest columnist, to share with you an update on the extensive planning underway for our FTVA-AIA anniversary events.

It's early June and plans for our annual anniversary activities are already well underway...even though October seems, well...months away. AIA has assigned a project officer and the active duty team, along with our FTVA points of contact, are already working hard to make October a success. We've reserved the golf course (in Castroville at the Alsatian Inn Golf Course this time); the Remembrance Ceremony is taking shape, the Alzafar Shrine Bagpipers are scheduled, the F-16 fly-over requested; Stapleton Park is reserved for the picnic; the Gateway Club is reserved for the Anniversary Dinner, and the Air Force Band of the West has already committed to be a part of the program. Finally nominations for the Hall of Honor have been requested and are due this month. Once again our plans are coming together. It will take a lot of hard work – but just as in past years, it will be a great set of events. But why are we meeting in October? Don't we usually get together in September?

The discussion as to when we should schedule this year's anniversary was complex. For several years, we've met in September and in recent years we've tried to schedule the anniversary activities to coincide with the AIA Commanders Conference and SENSOR Olympics Recognition Week. In actuality, our history shows that USAF Security Service was established on October 20 th 1948 at Arlington Hall , Virginia . While I wore the patch, I must admit that I wasn't there on the first day. In any case, some of us thought we should celebrate the event on the date it actually occurred. But there are other factors to be considered, the weather for one. October in San Antonio can be unpredictable – sometimes beautiful, sometimes not. Another important factor is the opportunity to interface with and engage the active duty force, the men and women who maintain the traditions and carry on the heritage that we celebrate. In recent years, AIA has allowed the FTVA leadership access to AIA conference and recognition week agendas with the intent of engaging the active workforce on the importance of their work and our collective (and on-going) heritage. This year, we'll once again have the opportunity to participate in the SENSOR OLYMPICS Recognition Week agenda.

In the end, after lengthy debate we agreed to schedule this year's anniversary events on October 20-23. MGen Lebras, the AIA Commander, and his leadership team agreed to schedule their Commanders Conference and SENSOR OLYMPICS events for the same time frame. As a result we'll celebrate on the actual date of our anniversary and a broader group of our membership will have a chance to attend the SENSOR OLYMPICS Banquet on 20 October. (If you wish to attend, tickets are available through AIA. The POC is MSgt Ann Schulhofer. She can be reached at 210-977-4575. CMSgt (Ret) Bob Sherwood will be the featured speaker at the banquet.) And the world-wide AIA leadership team (commanders, first sergeants and command chiefs -- officer and enlisted) and SENSOR OLYMPICS honorees will be in town and available to participate in all of our anniversary events. It's a win-win for both AIA and FTVA. Hopefully the weather will cooperate with clear skies, pleasant temperatures, and a gentle breeze.

So that's the logic. We hope to see all of you in October. It will once again be a great set of activities – it always is. Remain in Touch

Chris Cook
FTVA Vice-President


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