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Hello. It’s already June 2003 and over the last several months we have witnessed an amazing display of military power employed in joint cooperation in Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF). And, while not garnering headlines or sharing accommodations (and definitely not getting any airtime) with any embedded reporters, our cyber warriors were in the thick of the action, playing a vital role in the joint operations. We can all take great pride in the superior performance of our troops as they defeated an enemy in superior fashion, while saving a country and its resources for the future.

One way to get a greater appreciation of the role of our cyber warriors in OIF will be to attend the FTVA Annual Reunion where we will not only get updates from AIA but also will be honored to have as our scheduled guest speaker for the Reunion Dinner Dance, Lieutenant General Michael V. Hayden, Director, National Security Agency, and Chief, Central Security Service, Fort George Meade, Maryland. In this position General Hayden is the Defense Department’s senior uniformed intelligence officer. General Hayden is no stranger to AIA, having served as AIA Commander and Director, Joint Command and Control Warfare Center, from Jan ’96 to Sep ’97. He has also served in senior staff positions at the Pentagon, EUCOM, National Security Council, and U.S. Embassy in the People’s Republic of Bulgaria and as Deputy Chief of Staff for United Nations Command and U.S. Forces Korea in Seoul, Korea. We are looking forward to having General Hayden join us and provide his unique perspective on the events of the day.

Your reunion packets will soon be arriving in the mail. As a reminder, the dates for this year’s reunion are Thursday, September 25 through Saturday, September 27. When you receive your packet, please read the information closely as some of the procedures for signing up for the reunion and the various events have changed as we have command staff from AIA playing a more active role in hosting this event. Mark your calendars now and plan to attend. There will be other unit reunions in conjunction with our annual gathering, with the FTVA Annual Reunion serving as the umbrella event. To check on other FTVA-related units and their planned activities, check out the FTVA web site at

Several FTVA members have asked about visiting the FTVA offices and attending Board meetings. As noted on our web site, the FTVA Board normally meets on the third Friday of the month (no meeting in December) at 1:30 p.m. in the Board Room, third floor, at Security Service Federal Credit Union, 16211 La Cantera Parkway, in San Antonio. FTVA members are always welcome to attend. If you plan to attend a meeting, request you email the Board through the FTVA website to confirm meeting time.

To avoid unnecessary expense and to better meet the goals of the Association, FTVA does not maintain offices. Mail comes to P.O. Box 691616, San Antonio, TX 78269-1616. Security Service Federal Credit Union sponsors this post office box for FTVA. Mail is received and distributed to the appropriate Board members. The system works well for us and we're glad to avoid the expenses associated with maintaining an office, paid staff and the other overhead expenses.

We're looking forward to another great reunion. And it will be even better if you join us. Hope to see you in September. Keep our forces that are still deployed in harms way in your thoughts and prayers.

And, remain in touch.

// Signed //

John Worthington

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