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President's Corner - June 2002

Greetings. It's June 2002. We are about four months out from the 21st FTVA Annual Reunion and planning for the event is coming together nicely. You'll soon be getting your Reunion package in the mail and you will note a couple of changes from information previously provided to you. Our guest speaker for the Reunion Dinner Dance will be Major General (select) Paul J. Lebras, Commander, Air Intelligence Agency. Having previously served as the AIA Vice Commander, General Lebras is no stranger to Security Hill, nor to FTVA. We are pleased that he has agreed to address us at the dinner, and that he will be involved in other Association activities during the reunion.

You may recall that in the December 2001 newsletter, I recounted the parlimentary dilemma we faced after the 2001 Reunion was cancelled folowing the events of September 11. I also explained that we would need to amend our Constitution and By-Laws to avoid such problems as the succession of officers etc. I asked FTVA Vice President Grover Jackson to examine our Constuitution and By-Laws and develop proposed changes that would help us avoid such problems in the future. Grover did a thorough job of identifying the problem areas and developing appropriate changes to fix them. He presented his recommendations to the Board in May 2002 and, with a couple of minor changes, they were approved by the Board for presentation to the memebership. A copy of the proposed changes will be included in your Reunion package. Please review them prior to our Annual Meeting which will take place on Saturday, 28 September, at 1100 hours in the Larger Auditorium at AIA Headquarters. We will review the proposed changes and vote to adopt them at that meeting. Hopefully, these administrative adjustments will provide the necessary procedures to allow us proceed with our activities during extraordinary circumstances. My thanks to Grover for his diligence in finding the appropriate solutions to our problems.

Also included in the Reunion package is a ballot. We will be electing four officers this year, and with those elections, will get our terms of office back on track. Please be sure to cast your ballot.

With operations in Afghanistan continuing and the role of the command and its many units vital to the success of our efforts there, it is most appropriate that the theme for this year's reunion is "Salute to Our Silent Warrior Heritage." We'll have a full slate of activities during the weekend, and you'll have a great opportunity to catch up with comrades who you may not have seen for two years or more. We'll also get to formally recognize last year's Hall of Honor selectees and induct them into the Hall of Honor, along with this year's selectees. We are looking forward to a great reunion, and it will be even better if you attend. Plan now to join us 26-28 September. We'll look forward to seeing you then.

REMAIN IN TOUCH and see you in September.

// Signed //

John Worthington

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