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President's Corner - June 2001

Where has the time gone?  It only seems like yesterday when we were worrying about Y2K. It seems like only this morning we worried about the annual banquet for 2000 and making sure it would happen without any adverse weather.  And, now, we are beginning our plans for the 20th annual reunion scheduled for 27 through 29 September 2001.   Our reunion package should be in the mail very soon.  We have booked the commander, AIA, Major General Wright as our guest speaker.  Additionally, the annual AIA Commanders Conference and Sensor Olympics will be held during the same week; we anticipate a lot of participation from AIA.  Since AIA is under the umbrella of 8th Air Force, we are also anticipating many representatives from 8th Air Force Command Section.  Let’s show them what comradery and heritage is all about!! 

Under the umbrella of the FTVA Reunion, different organizations will be having their own reunions here, in San Antonio. The 6924th will be hosting their reunion this year, to include at the remembrance ceremony, a special recognition for A/1c Wayne Anthony.   The president of the 6924th Heritage Association, Mr. Richard J. McCracken, will make some remarks and introduce the Wayne Anthony family.  For more information on different reunions, visit our web cite at

Sooo, plan on attending; make your plans and reservations for a somewhat different reunion this year, which, with your participation, we can have, one fabulous 20th Reunion

We will be saying goodbye to Brigadier General Carole Elliot Vice Commander of AIA and welcoming her replacement Brigadier General Neil Robinson.  General Elliot will be retiring and General Robinson will be PCSing from EUCOM.

Our Grant program is starting to pick up momentum and we look forward to a very beneficial program in support of AIA.

In our last newsletter, we included a letter regarding the Cryptologic Museum Foundation.  If any of our members would like to become members of the Cryptologic Museum Foundation, or would like to obtain more information about the Foundation, send an email to: cryptmf@aolcom, or visit their web cite at:, or send a letter to P.O. Box 1682, Ft. George G. Meade, Md., 20755, or give Sherry or Jan a call at 301-688-5436.

Get your reservations in now for the 20th annual reunion scheduled for 27 through 29 September.

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Mike Feldblum
President FTVA

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