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President's Corner - June 2000

Here we are again getting ready for the annual reunion scheduled for 28 through 30 September 2000. Don’t forget to get your write-ups into the HOH committee and make your plans and reservations for the September outing. Rick Francona an aide to General Swartzkoff has published a book on the war and will be our guest speaker. Rick was a guest speaker at a luncheon sponsored by the Association of Old Crows, and from what I’ve been told; we are in for a dynamic talk.

In January Bill Nye, the Associations Secretary, told the Board of his desire to work for Mitsubishi Corporation in Japan. As such, Bill asked for a six-month leave of absence. Lou Rocha our former social chairman agreed to fill in for Bill. In April, Pearl Nye – also a member of the Board – accepted an assignment to Korea for two years. In one swoop, the Board has lost two of its distinguished members. We will miss them and wish them both success. At our Board meeting in April, Lou accepted the permanent job as the Association’s Secretary. I want to thank him for his support and more importantly "thanks Marge for your support!"

At the end of January 2000, Brig Gen David Wright took command of AIA. Our AIA Liaison Officer, Colonel Ron Haygood, would discuss with the General the support and contributions the FTVA has provided the Agency. On 19 April, General Wright hosted a lunch to meet members of the FTVA Board of Directors. Pictures are worth a thousand words, and here are some photos of the session. Make up your own captions. On 21 April, General Wright was frocked to Major General: Congratulations from the FTVA! I took the opportunity during this visit to present Colonel Haygood with a memento of our appreciation for his outstanding support. Colonel Haygood is moving to Germany to be the commander of the 26th IG at Ramestein

I am very very happy to report that our past-president Bob Sherwood is recuperating from a heart attack suffered on Easter Sunday. Our prayers were answered! Ann you have your hands full keeping him quiet, so let us know how we can help.

Remain in Touch

Mike Feldblum

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