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President's Corner - March 2016

Football season is over, basketball season is about half over, and baseball season is inching closer. With Spring comes renewal; from foliage outside, to follow through on New Year’s resolutions, to reminders of FTVA membership renewals. Think about those guys and gals you worked with way-back-when in those faraway locations. Maybe it’s time to renew those friendships and connections now. The FTVA is a great way to accomplish that resolution. We have plans to work with some of the active duty members to find ways to bring them into the fold. Many veterans’ groups like the FTVA (e.g. American Legion, VFW, etc.) are having a hard time recruiting from the new generation of retirees and active duty personnel. We have to look for new and innovative ways to gain their interest. If anyone has any ideas, we are all ears. Because, if we don't, the FTVA and all it stands for, all the resources we are able to contribute to our active duty activities, etc., will all slowly fade away. Many have never heard of USAFSS or ESC and they have difficulty understanding the close camaraderie that was born at all of those overseas units. It's a different AF today, a different organization (now 25th AF), and a different mindset.

Fortunately, we are seeing some glimmer of hope. A new Command Chief and Commander who understand and are very supportive. Our National Capital Region Chapter has active duty on their Board. I recently traveled to eight of our units in the UK located on five different RAF bases. I was able to talk to them about the FTVA, hand out brochures, and answer questions from interested personnel. Most had never heard of the FTVA. We just have to look for every opportunity to beat-the-drum about the benefits of the FTVA and how we support our members and most of the 25th AF's people programs. Most importantly, I want to thank you, the members of the FTVA for continuing to support our organization over the years. From its inception during the USAFSS/ESC years until now supporting the men and women of the 25th AF, you have helped us keep the silent warrior flame burning. Through numerous conflicts and multiple organizational upheavals, the critical intelligence mission is still being accomplished 24 / 7 around the world. We will ensure the FTVA is there supporting the men and women wherever and whenever we can. Thanks again and always remember to "Remain in Touch".


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