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President's Corner - March 2013

Dear Members,

We sincerely hope you enjoyed a great Holiday Season! Much is happening in your Association and we're looking forward to the various activities throughout 2013. Details on our forthcoming Spring Social are provided on page 7 of this issue of the RIT, and we look forward to this annual event in mid-April.

Dennis Rassmussen and Wayne Tallant continue to do a great job with the newsletter, and we've received numerous compliments on the quality and content. If your personal technology situation allows, I urge each of you to consider receiving it on-line. Those who already are receiving it via the web attest the on-line version is great with color pictures and easy-to-read format, and saves money for our association by diminishing rising mailing costs. You can sign up for the on-line newsletter version with a request via the FTVA web page, or by contacting Bob Baert.

We also welcome your pictures! If you have pictures from reunions or FTVA-related events that merit posting on the website, please pass them directly to Bob for inclusion. For those who prefer social media, you can always post such photographs directly to the Freedom Through Vigilance Facebook page, which now has over 1,500 participants!

The Board of Directors has designated Vice-President Ron Haygood as the initial point of contact for any chapter issues and concerns. Due to our chapters' growth, participation, and support of chapter activities, we've discovered that issues aren't always addressed as rapidly without a single action officer. Ron's FTVA Executive Board experience and leadership position as our Vice President make him a great focal point for our chapter leaders, and enables us to rapidly channel, answer, and resolve each individual circumstance. Please continue to bring all chapter-specific issues directly to Ron's attention.

I thank each of you for your commitment to the FTVA, and ask that you make plans now to attend our annual reunion in San Antonio, September 26 – 28, 2013. Many, many thanks for all you do to assist in our efforts to Remain In Touch.

Lee Anthony

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