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President´s Corner - March 2009

March 2009         

Dear FTVA Members,

Your association's board of directors continues its efforts to strengthen support to AF ISR Agency people recognition programs and promote activities which highlight the organization's rich heritage of military service.  I'm pleased to report that both individual membership (Ken O’Neal) and Vigilant Partner (Jim McLendon) program participation are in solid shape, and as a result the association's financial condition is strong.  However, operating expenses continue to rise -- our contribution to the AF ISR Agency last year topped $18K, and will no doubt increase in years to come.  As a result, the Board of Directors approved a small increase to annual dues and lifetime memberships, effective 15 April 2009.  It was a tough decision, but we are convinced this small increase is critical if we are to successfully execute our core mission – supporting the men and women of the AF ISR Agency and sustaining our intelligence heritage.  We appreciate your understanding and support.
Over the holidays we sent Christmas Cards to many of the men and women that the AF ISR Agency has deployed around the world in support the Global War on Terrorism.  We appreciate their efforts on our behalf.

In February we witnessed the Change of Command at the AF ISR Agency where Lt Gen Craig Koziol relinquished command to MGen Bradley A. Heithold.  We will miss General and Mrs. Koziol and certainly appreciate their tremendous support over the last three years and renew our commitment of support to MGen Heithold as he takes charge.

In March, our association lent its support to the AF ISR Agency Annual Awards Week activities.  This event recognizes outstanding people from the ranks of AF ISR Agency’s officers, enlisted, and civilians.  They participate in a series of briefings and panels that provide the "big picture" on Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance activities.  We joined them at a dinner recognizing these top performers.

We are in the early stages of planning this year's reunion, which will be held 24-26 September.  This year we will once again, be playing golf at the Alsatian Country Club in Castroville, a few miles west of San Antonio.  Joe Hurst will be coordinating the golf tournament again this year.  Full details on the reunion are posted on the website and will be in the mail to you as part of the June newsletter.

In this newsletter, you'll find an article soliciting Hall of Honor recommendations.  The pullout form used for submitting nominees is in the center of the newsletter.  I encourage each of you to consider the professionals you served with, and their contributions to the command mission, and nominate one or more of them whose performance meets the standards established for Hall of Honor membership.

One of the more enjoyable features in our association newsletters are the "war stories" and other remembrances our members have of significant events in our command's history.  Our editor, Dennis Rassmussen is always on the lookout for items like this, and he’s delighted to put your submissions into print.  I'm sure virtually every one of us has a favorite recollection that others would enjoy reading, so please send in your "cards, letters, and photos."

For our many members in Central and South Texas, the FTVA Spring Social will take place on 4 April at the Kelly USA Club.  The social will be from 1700-2000 with a $5 charge for food and a pay as you go bar.  We’ve asked the new AF ISR Agency Commander, MGen Bradley Heithold to be our guest speaker.  We look forward to welcoming him and his family to San Antonio and Security Hill.  It should be informative and entertaining.  In addition, we will once again host (and recognize) several AF ISR Agency Returning Heroes.  We hope to see all of you there.

Until then…remain in touch

Chris Cook           

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