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President's Corner - March 2000

We survived Y2K - whatever that was - and are well into the New Year. We are making plans for the annual reunion banquet that is scheduled for 30 September 2000. Our new social chairman, Don Macaulay, has stepped in with both feet running. On Valentines Day, we had a social event at the Lackland Gateway club. This event included heavy h'or deuves and a guest speaker, Dennis Alvey. All went well, and the success of this event we hope will spill over into our next scheduled social in May. Good luck Don, and welcome aboard. I take this opportunity to recognize some of our members who have contributed above and beyond the call, and to different organizations that continue to support our efforts The FTVA lost a very dear and close friend, Chief (retired) William "Billy" N. Daniels on 27 January 2000. Billy touched us all as a friend, co-worker, father, and husband. Our deepest sympathy goes to his wife Linda, and their children Greg and Samantha. The Prop Wash Gang (PWG) continues sending dollars in memory of our fallen members. Their contributions exceed the criteria for "Gold Partner" - over a thousand dollars. Let me express our gratitude for those contributions and I would like to challenge some of the other organizations to do the same!! Your support and that of the Vigilant Partner Program is what keeps us going and allows us to support many of the Air Force and AIA events. I keep seeing one name from the East Coast continually popping up - Larry Tart. Larry, along with many others orchestrated the C130 memorial at Ft. Meade, and assured that materials and facts became available for the Cryptologic Museum at Fort Meade and the Heritage center at HQ AIA. Thanks Larry, from all of us in San Antonio. General John R. Baker Commander, AIA, dedicated the O-2 aircraft and the Firebee drone on 14 January 2000 for their psychological operations and reconnaissance rolls. The FTVA provided the plaques for the dedication and participated in the ceremony. Shortly thereafter, General Baker received orders to head north to the Pentagon, and a fond farewell in his honor was held on 29 January 2000. General Bruce A. Wright who came from the Pentagon to replace General Baker officially took over on 31 January 2000. I'm still looking for information on Wayne Kitchenmaster and Robert Rourke; both served with me at the 6922nd RGM at Kadena in the 1960-1961 time frame. Rourke is a French Linguist and Kitch - as we called him - was a 202 who crossed trained to become a crypy. We look forward to coming events and continued success in the year 2000. Remain in touch

Mike Feldblum

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