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The Freedom Through Vigilance Association (FTVA) is dedicated to the support and perpetuation of the objectives of the Air Force and the 16th Air Force and its predecessor organizations.  We do this best by working with the 16th Air Force to help recognize those in the agency who perform with excellence and honor.  We actively support SENSOR OLYMPICS and the Outstanding Airmen and Company Grade Officer of the Year programs.  We also work on 16th Air Force history updates, conduct the Hall of Honor program and assist with 16th Air Force tradition–preserving programs.  A major effort is our remembrance programs for those who have gone before us.  We are proud of our accomplishments and contributions to the active force.  We believe we are unique in what we do for the 16th Air Force members in rewarding and recognizing excellence.  We are greatly supported by our Vigilant Partners in these recognition programs.

The Freedom Through Vigilance Association provides services to our members in the form of membership directories and newsletters, social events, and working actively with the 16th Air Force to bring a luster to the organization as it was and is.  We recognize distinguished Association members who contributed significantly to the mission of the Agency.

Most of all, we have been successful in bringing together old friends so that they can relive great times, renew great friendships, and make new ones.

Of equal importance, our Association is the only formal activity that can and will insure that those treasured attributes of USAFSS and its successors, earned through many years, are not forgotten.  As we all knew, and newcomers learn, the Agency takes care of its own.  Without our Association, in time, this heritage, camaraderie, esprit and indeed the earlier names of the organization would be forgotten.  We are totally dedicated to the challenge of Remembrance.

It was and is your organization...and if you agree with our tenets, this Association should be your organization--you should be a member.  We need the support of the Active Force to perpetuate the continued growth of the Association.


1.  What is the Freedom Through Vigilance Association?

The FTVA is a private, non–profit corporation dedicated to the support and perpetuation of the objectives of the United States Air Force and USAF Security Service and its successor Commands/Agencies, and to the support of social, educational, and humanitarian services.

2. Where is the Association located?

The principal location is San Antonio, Texas.  Five Chapters have been formed: the Heritage Chapter in San Angelo, Texas; the National Capitol Chapter in the area surrounding Washington, D.C.; the Gold Country Chapter is located 45 miles north of Sacramento, California and is in the area of Beale AFB, the home of the U-2, Global Hawk and the 548th Intelligence Group; the Aloha Chapter on Oahu and the Sunshine Chapter near Hurlburt Field, the home of the 361st ISR Group.  Other locations to serve as Chapter sites may be authorized.

3.  What are the objectives of the Association?

Our objectives are to foster continued awareness of the mission and accomplishments of the United States Air Force in general and of the 16th Air Force in particular.  Equally important, the Association provides its members a forum for social, educational, and humanitarian services.

4.  Who is eligible for membership?

A.  Regular Members – Open to all former military and civilian members of USAFSS, ESC, AFIC, AIA, AFISRA, and 25th and all current and former military and civilian members of organizations that formed the 16th Air Force.

B.  Associate Members –

(1)  Open to the surviving spouse of all deceased USAFSS/ESC/AFIC/AIA/AFISRA/25th/16th Air Force personnel who would qualify as a regular member.

(2)  Open to DoD personnel, approved by the Board of Directors, who, because of their close association with USAFSS, ESC, AFIC, AIA, AFISRA and/or 16th Air Force, perpetuate The Association's objectives.

5.  Application for Membership:

An Application to join the Association must be made by each prospective member.  On verification that an applicant meets membership requirements, he or she is considered an Association member effective with the date the application and dues are received.

6.  Board of Directors:

The Board consists of 14 members and each Chapter President. The President, Vice–President, Treasurer and Secretary are elected by members at the annual meeting.  These Executive Committee members appoint remaining Board members from eligible Association members.

7.  Meetings:

Annual membership meetings are held in the late September time-frame. During this meeting, elections are held.  Additional meetings may be held at the Board's discretion.  The Board holds open monthly meetings to conduct the Association's business.  Members are welcome to attend.

8.  Social and Special Events:

The various committees recommend the frequency and types of events for the Board's approval.

9.  Membership Roster:

A master listing of all Association Members is compiled, updated, and published periodically and contains names, addresses, and phone numbers as available.  The roster is provided to members with the expectation that members will honor the privacy of fellow members and use it only for non–commercial purposes.

10.  Dues:

Annual dues for each member are currently $20.  Lifetime memberships are available. Dues received fund projects in support of Association objectives and defray administrative costs.

Association Officers
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FTVA History Reports
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