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Executive Committee

President Ron Haygood
Vice President Ted Colquhoun
Treasurer Bob Cope
Secretary Loren "Phred” Sevening
Immed Past President Lee Anthony


Hall of Honor Director AJ Harrison
History Barnie Gavin
Membership & Web Activities Bob Baert
Membership/Web Info Form
Newsletter Dennis Rassmussen
Associate Newsletter Editor Joe 'Pepito' Figueroa
Vigilant Partners Chairman Mark Hess
Golf Tournament Chairman Dennis Buxton
Social Activities Ken Williams
Special Activities Lee Anthony
Picnic Jacque Lerma
President Aloha Chapter John Toillion
President Gold Country Chapter John Aurelius
President, Heritage Chapter J.J. Graham
President, National Capital Chapter (Election Pending)
President, Rocky Mountain Chapter George "Ike" Eichelberger
President, Sunshine Chapter Jim Kaus


Directors Emeritus
Hall of Honor Director Emeritus Bob Sherwood
Director Emeritus Special Activities Doug Holden
Sports Director Emeritus Joe Hurst
Official Activities Director Emeritus Jim McLendon


25th Air Force
Senior Liaison Officer  Mr. Steven Doucette
Anniversary Week Coordinator Maj. Octavia

Association Officers
President's Corner
Board of Directors (BOD) Minutes
Scheduled BOD Meetings
FTVA History Reports
Our mailing address is: To E-mail the Freedom Through Vigilance Association,
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Freedom Through Vigilance Association
PO Box 691616
San Antonio, TX 78269-1616

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