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Heritage Photographs

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National Vigilance Park, Memorial Day 2012

Mainsite - Karamursel 6993, September 1957
Mainsite - TUSLOG Det 3, September 1957

Ed Watts provided the above images, they are said to be copies of the earliest known pictures of Mainsite at Karamursel, Turkey. This was Tuslog Det-3, 6933rd RGM, back in the early days Mainsite was more often referred to as Mudsite. The originals were given to him when he arrived in early 1958 from Germany and he was told that the pictures were taken in September 1957.

"Strawbridge" aircraft, in support of the reconnaissance efforts for the the lead up to the Cuban Missile Crisis by Jeff McRaney
Misawa Pictures by Barney Tracy
Misawa entry gate from 1957 to 1970
Misawa Main Street - 1966
AP Alley - 1966
AN/FLR-9 Pictures
Gordon Sommers Bust
Col Harold Fisher, USAF (Ret)
C130 Dedication National Vigalance Park
Shu Lin Kou Gate
6981st 2005 Reunion Picture 1
6981st 2005 Reunion Picture 2
(1) (2) Two pictures of Tempelhof, the magnificent Nazi era Airport and our base of operations starting in 1950.
(1) (2) (3) (4) Four pictures of the Marienfelde site which became the primary operations site in the late 60's.
(1) (2) Two pictures of the Army ASA's site at Teufelsberg (Devils Mountain) where we had an "Air Team" from the late 60’s onward.
Photos of the 6918th Security Squadron Hakata Japan can be found here
USAFSS In Misawa Project National Reunion
6924th Guidon Ceremony at The Wall
Maj Gen Koziol Farewell to AF ISR Agency
Wakkanai Pictures
Linguists get their Wings: Airborne Voice Intercept Operators in World War II by Mr. Tyler Morton, Air Power History/Fall 2019


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