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November 11th, 2008 - 6924th Guidon Ceremony at The Wall

On Veterans Day this year at The Wall in Washington D.C., Members of the 6924th Heritage Association presented the 6924th Security Squadron's Guidon with the Squadron's 32 award, decoration, and USAF Campaign Streamers, to honor the Memory of our Brother Tiger, A1C Paul Wayne Anthony, KIA at Da Nang, on 8 April 1970. The presentation was done near the engraving of Paul's name on The Wall. The presentation also included the attachment of a special 33rd Streamer: Our Memorial to Paul Wayne Anthony.

Bobby Edwards who participated in the presentation took the pictures and wrote the following:

The Guidon/Colors Project was conceived of by Terry Kearney, and through his research and efforts to duplicate the recognition of the Unit's Awards with Streamers, Terry worked with a Flag Company to Recreate the Accomplishments of a Unit's Proud History. The 6924th Guidon and Streamers were introduced at the 6924th Tucson Reunion in September. It was at the Reunion that Terry Pledged to Take the Guidon to the Wall and to recognize our Fallen Brother, Paul W. Anthony.

Through Terry's Determination, Efforts, and Commitment - This Project was realized.

A Military Unit's Colors carries the Greatest Sacred Trust and Respect by the Members Who Served, and by Those Who Recognize the Unit's Achievements.

On VETERAN'S Day, November 11th, 2008, I had the opportunity to Spend Some Time with the Major and to Record the Event in Photos. I am Awed by His Love of our Unit and His Continued Dedication in the Preservation of It's Memory.

It is with Great Honor that I Salute His Efforts to Preserve Our History and to Honor the Memory of a Fallen Brother.

Bobby Edwards

Terry's comment at the reunion was as follows: "Our Flag/Guidon pulls together all the experiences, past and present, of all our troops - as much as The Vietnam Memorial pulls together all who served in Southeast Asia. It's time for these two icons to come together."

6924th Guidon at The Wall

Terry Kearney and 6924th Guidon at The Wall

Terry Kearney and 6924th Guidon at The Wall

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