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Col Harold Fisher, USAF (Ret)

8 January 2008

Subject: Col Harold Fisher, USAF (Ret)

Reference the January/February 2008 Airman Magazine article "A War Not Forgotten." If you don't receive a hard copy you can view it at:

The article highlights the exploits of Harold Fisher, a double ace in Korea, who was shot down and held as a POW and later as a political prisoner before finally being released in1955. This was two years after the end of hostilities.

I bring this up because he is an almost forgotten alumnus of the 544th.

When JSTPS was formed in August 1960, Captain Hal Fisher was Chief of the Airfield Section of the 544th Research Center. He and his analysts provided, on a daily basis, the detailed all-source intelligence that was critical to maintaining the correct categorization and appropriate target weighting of potential enemy airfields carried in the National Strategic Target Data Base (NSTDB). Some of his analysts were Navy personnel that were initially assigned to the Research Center, but later returned to Navy Fleet Intelligence Centers for political reasons. Without the Airfield Section's support, indeed the whole Research Center's support, JSTPS would have been hard pressed to carry out its assigned responsibilities.

Since categorization and weighting drove DGZ construction, the generation of the National Strategic Target List (NSTL), and force application/weapon lay down in the Single Integrated Operational Plan (SIOP), all changes to the NSTDB had to be coordinated with the nuclear CINC representatives assigned to the JSTPS structure. As the O-3 dual-hat airfield analyst for the JSTPS Targets Branch, Research Section, who had to accomplish this coordination before NSTDB entry, Hal was my go-to guy to explain to the concerned reps the intel that supported any changes. In this role Hal was equally superb; he never failed to convince the CINC rep doubters and their home offices.


                                                                            Jim Enney


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