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P.O.Box 691616
San Antonio, Texas 78269-1616

INTRODUCTION:  Change of Command Ceremony for New AFISRA/CC is tentatively scheduled for 19 July 2011; backup date is 1 August.

1. June 17,2011 Board of Directors' Meeting:  President Anthony determined that a quorum existed and called the meeting to order at 1330 in the SSFCU Board of Directors' Conference Room

2. Attendance

Lee Anthony - President Dennis Rassmussen
Ron Haygood - Vice President Douglas Holden - Acting Secretary
Bob Baert Joe Hurst
Ken Williams Jim McLendon
Bob Crabtree Wayne Amann
Maj. Russell - Reunion Coordinator Capt. Schmidt - Reunion Coordinator

3. Minutes: The Minutes of the May 15,2011 Meeting were read and approved

4. Treasurer's Report: The Treasurer's Report for May, 2011 was read and filed for Record

5. Old Business:

  1. Approval of $500 in Expenses for Startup of Florida Chapter. A reimbursement of business expenses not to exceed $500 was approved

  2. Senior Liaison from AFIRSA. The HQ is extremely busy nowadays and O-6's are in short supply,  but one will be joining the BOD as soon as possible

6. New Business:
          There will be a large AFCEA Conference here in San Antonio 14 and 15 December. Subjects of interest are to be in areas such as ISR, Medical Information Technology, etc. AFISRA will take the lead on the ISR agenda. We are ready stand by to help the Agency

7. Correspondence: NTR

8. Around the Table:

  1. Bob Sherwood reports that the Hall of Honor selection, etc, is on track

  2. Ken Williams related to the BOD that good things are happening in the Stapleton   
    Park area; clean up, paint up, fix up, new tables and lots of good news. A four  
    organization consortium, including AFIRSA  ponied up about $800,000 to get the
    job done.

9. There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 1430. Next meeting will be at 1330, Friday, 15 July at the SSFCU Board Room.

Douglas R. Holden
Temporary Acting Secretary

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