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1.  AUGUST 20, 2009 BOARD OF DIRECTORS' MEETING:  President Chris Cook called the meeting to order at 1300 hours in the Air Force ISR Agency Commander's Conference Room in Larson Hall (building 2007) on Security Hill, Lackland Air Force Base.


Chris Cook – President Loren "Phred" Sevening -- Secretary
Dennis "Rass" Rassmussen Ken Williams
Bob Baert Kenny O'Neal
Ron Haygood Grover Jackson
Col Hank Toussaint, AFISRA Rep
Wayne Amman, AFISRA/PA
Maj Marcos Garcia -- AFISRA Anniversary Events Team Leader


2. The meeting started with an address from Maj Gen Brad Heithold, Air Force ISR Agency Commander where he shared some of the activities and vision of the Agency. He expressed sincere appreciation for all that FTVA does for the Agency and its Airmen. He shared the Airman Read story with us as well.

3. AFISRA/FTVA Anniversary event updates. Maj Marcos Garcia opened the AFISRA Staff update portion of the meeting.

a. Banquet tickets:  Last year was the 60th anniversary and the crowd was larger than what is expected this year. The club is locked in, music provided by SSgt Carter on the piano, should be a great event. Maj Gen Heithold will be the guest speaker.

b. Golf Tournament  120 golfers signed up with 24 open slots remaining. Will advertise the open slots through AFISRA/PA in September. Everything is on track.

c. Remembrance Ceremony  The request for aircraft flyover is with FAA now for approval. Once FAA approves, next step is with HQ/USAF to task the 149th for the flyover. Good to go with the bagpipes, parking for them is covered. The program for the event is in pre-publication coordination. There will be a shuttle bus to take people from the Remembrance Ceremony to the picnic and back. Special tribute to Lt Schulte, and her family will be present. Another event is to dedicate the RF-4 in front of bldg 2012. Maj Gen Worley was the highest ranking Air Force person killed in Vietnam, when he died in an RF-4 that crashed after being shot down. His son, now a Maj General, will attend, along with Col Brodman, the surviving backseater. More to follow as this event solidifies.

d. Picnic. Everything is on track. Wilford Hall Medical Center medics will be on call if needed. Soda and water will be provided, and there will be plenty of food available.

e. Hall of Honor. This event will be in the AFISRA courtyard this year, everything is on track for a great induction ceremony with four very deserving members getting inducted.

f. Security. AFISRA Security Office (SO) will need the master list of attendees no later than September 15th to make arrangements with the gate guards to allow them on base. Will need names, addresses, and phone numbers.

g. Closing Comments. We are ahead of the game and working hard to make this a success. President Chris Cook chimed in by expressing appreciation to Major Garcia and the rest of the AFISRA team for the outstanding support in making this event a success.

4. The regular portion of the FTVA Board of Directors meeting convened at 1440 in the Air Force ISR Agency Commander's Conference Room in Larson Hall (building 2007) on Security Hill, Lackland Air Force Base.

5.  MINUTES: The Minutes of the July 2008 meeting were not available and so were not read.

6.  TREASURER'S REPORT: Treasurer's report not available, and not read.

7.  OLD BUSINESS. Nothing not already covered.


a.  ELECTION COMMITTEE. Dennis "Rass" Rassmussen leads our election committee and reported that so far there are two strong candidates for the office of President and Vice President. The committee will be taking all nominations for vetting and will present recommendations at the annual meeting in September for final vote.

b. Constitution and By-Laws update: Joe Hurst updated the Constitution and Bylaws and will post them on our website for general membership review so we can vote to approve the changes at our annual general membership meeting in September.

9.  There being no further business, motion was made, seconded and approved to adjourn at 1527. The meeting in September is the annual general membership meeting and will be held in the BALA inside Larson Hall on Security Hill immediately following the State of the Agency briefing by Maj Gen Heithold, Air Force ISR Agency Commander.

Respectfully Submitted, 

FTVA Secretary

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