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1.   JANUARY 18, 2008 BOARD OF DIRECTORS’ MEETING:  President Chris Cook called the meeting to order at 1330 hours in the SSFCU BOD Conference Room. Attendance:

Chris Cook – President  Bob Cope - Treasurer
Loren "Phred” Sevening – Secretary Dennis "Rass” Rassmussen
Kenny O’Neal Robert Crabtree
Joe Hurst Bob Baert
John Worthington  Jim Hilliard
Col Amanda Gladney  (AFISRA Liaison) SMSgt Luther Eubanks

2.  MINUTES: The Minutes of the November 2007 meeting were read and approved.

3.  TREASURER’S REPORT: The Treasurer’s Report was presented and filed for audit.

            a. NEWSLETTERS.  Need to do a thorough scrub to determine how many we really need to print. What are the distribution processes used at HQ Air Force ISR Agency? 
            b. FTVA REUNION UPDATE:
1)  Major Cyrus Wolliver is the new Air Force ISR Agency POC. 
2) It might be a good idea to have a reunion registration capability on our website so people could sign up and see who else is planning to attend. Bob Baert will take this for action and add a new section on our website. Will announce this addition in the next newsletter.
                        3) GOLF TOURNAMENT.  The golf course at Castroville has undergone some significant modernization efforts. They tore down the old clubhouse and have built a completely new one with a sports bar and restaurant. Many of the holes have been completely redone. Overall it has been a major reinvestment, and it should lead to an overall excellent event.
                        4) PICNIC.  Lackland MWR now charges $135 to use the park. Discussion went around the table on ways to mitigate this new expense. Motion was made, seconded, and approved to appeal to the Security Service Federal Credit Union to sponsor the picnic. President Chris Cook will draft a letter of request to be sent forward.
                        5) GUEST SPEAKER. General Hayden was suggested as first choice, and Lt Gen Clapper (Retired) as second choice.
                        6) Looking at having a roll call at the Gateway Club after the golf tournament.
                        7)  BANQUET.  Need to get the Band of the West invited soon, as their schedule fills up quickly.
                        8) ALSAFAR SHRINER’S BAGPIPE BAND has been contracted for the event.
                        9) HALL OF HONOR appears to be on track
                        10) REMEMBRANCE CEREMONY appears to be on track.  President Cook spoke to the AFISRA protocol office to see what is being done regarding who will be invited to this event. He suggested to them that all the past Commander and Senior Enlisted Advisors/Command Chiefs should get invited. It would be something noteworthy to have all of them leave the Remembrance Ceremony first, probably via bus, to get to the park and station themselves on a reviewing stand. And from the Remembrance Ceremony everyone would marshal up in designated flights and march to the picnic and do a pass in review. The heritage flights could be comprised by unit of assignment, specialty (linguists, analysts, maintainers, support, signals, etc.), airborne Vs chairborne, active duty, you name it. FTVA may consider hosting a reception for the past Commanders and SEA/CCCs.
c. 2008 CALENDARS.  Doug Holden was not present, but discussion consisted of the possibility of doing the calendars every other year. We did not do as well this year as in the past, but we did make some goodwill by donating several to different people/organizations.
            d. EVOLUTION OF FTVA.  The website looks great; intent is to have a page that makes people keep coming back to see what is going on with our organization.  Bob Baert received a new collection of photographs to include on the site. The 50th Anniversary of the C-130 shootdown over Armenia is coming up, and the PropWash Gang is having a remembrance ceremony at Vigilance Park on Ft Mead to commemorate the event. Will post pictures of that ceremony on our website. Ideas were thrown around the room on how to make it even better. Several comments that the main page looks too busy. Bob Baert is very supportive of making it the best it can be, and the problem with making it less busy is that something will have to come off the main page.  Everyone is informally tasked with providing Bob Baert ideas on how to make it better.

            a.  MEMBERSHIP.  Kenny O’Neal. Membership appears to be fairly constant, although there are minor monthly fluctuations. He will start doing a trends analysis to see if there are any events that seem to induce a spike in membership renewals (or declines) so we can establish a COA on how to deal with it. Some ideas on how to get the word out to the Active Duty folks, to include updating some of the Spokesman articles that have been used. Because we have a fairly well established schedule for the entire year, it is easy to spread the word on what we do and when. Dap has always been very good about spreading the word in the Newsletter as well. 
            b.  VIGILANT PARTNERS PROGRAM.  Jim Hilliard.  Money is still coming in. Need to get an updated list in before the next newsletter.
            c.  CONSTITUTION and BYLAWS.  We have met the requirements of notifying the general membership and so now have to complete the formalities by having the Board of Directors vote to accept the new Constitution and Bylaws as amended. Motion was made, seconded, and approved to accept.
            d.  SPRING SOCIAL.  Date is set for 12 APR 2008.  Written invites will go out to all the areas members, as has been done in the past. Mike Meermans will be guest speaker, and look for cameo appearances from Greg Roman to augment the speech. Kenny O’Neal will provide a list of some of the Agency heroes who have recently returned from deployments so we can honor them at the event.
            e.  CHRISTMAS CARD PROJECT.  Vice President Sue Douglas started a project last Christmas of sending a card to each of the Agency’s deployed members. The idea surfaced late in the game to complete the project as desired, but the idea is set in motion to sustain it. Kenny O’Neal and Bob Crabtree will assist by doing their best to get mailing addresses for all of the Agency’s deployed troops. That number is normally 400 to 500 at any given time. That number will most certainly grow now that we have taken over the 480th Intelligence Group and the associated Distributed Ground Stations. That increased overall Agency manning by upwards of 1400-plus personnel. Last year the PropWash Gang spent over $2000 on spreading Holiday cheer and their efforts were very well received. They used the Rote Bird to send stuff overseas, and we should consider doing the same.
            f. SPECIAL PROJECT.  Grover Jackson was not present, so the topic was tabled until next meeting. (The website is:
            g. Air Force ISR Agency update.  Col Gladney. The Agency assumed ownership of the 480th Intelligence Wing and associated DCGS sites on Monday of this week, implementing all the various and sundry PPLANS that go with this sort of thing. General Koziol wants to have a ceremony to transfer the flag. We are trying to make sense of our role in the Cyber PAD. ISR supports Air, Space, and Cyber.  The Secretary of the Air Force wants the standup of the CyberCommand to move faster. There was some discussion on the DCGS structure so everyone had a decent level of understanding that structure.
            h.  HATS.  Bob Crabtree.  We no longer have a reliable contact in Korea to order hats for us. There are companies here in the US we can use. There was some discussion on what to put on the hats for the upcoming 60th Anniversary. Final decision was to go with two logos, the original USAFSS emblem and the new AFISRA emblem, and probably have "Freedom Through Vigilance” or "Remain in Touch” or something similar on the back of the hats. More to follow as Bob Crabtree does the research on cost etc
            i.  CORRESPONDENCE.  Chris Cook left the correspondence at home, but from memory he relayed that he had received a few noteworthy items.
            j.  USAFSS 60th ANNIVERSARY.  It might be fitting for the FTVA to host a social for all the past commanders and senior enlisted advisors/Command Chiefs that will be here for the anniversary events.

6. Around the room: 
a.  MSgt JOHN KNOTTS.  The Air Force ISR Agency Annual Awards Banquet will be 6 March 2008.  In May the Security Hill Top III will host their annual Car Show, teaming with a veterans group from Ft Sam Houston. This was a big event last year, and promised to be bigger this year. The Top III has been working with Fisher House on Lackland, donating time and money to improve their facilities. The SENSOR OLYMPICS banquet will coincide with the 60th Anniversary events and annual Agency Commander’s Conference.
b.  Dennis "Rass” Rassmussen.  Deadline for submissions/contributions for the next newsletter is 1 FEB 08. Rass is slowly taking over publishing the newsletter, taking the reins from Dan "Dap” D’Apolito, who will be stepping down for health reasons.

7.  There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 1455.  The next meeting will be Friday, February 15, 2008 in the SSFCU Board of Directors Conference Room at 1330.

Respectfully Submitted, 

Loren "Phred” Sevening
FTVA Secretary

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