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1.  AUGUST 15, 2008 BOARD OF DIRECTORS' MEETING:  President Chris Cook called the meeting to order at 1330 hours in the Air Force ISR Agency Commander's Conference Room in Larson Hall (building 2007) on Security Hill, Lackland Air Force Base.


Chris Cook – President Loren "Phred" Sevening -- Secretary
Dennis "Rass" Rassmussen Ken Williams
Joe Hurst Doug Holden
Bob Baert Kenny O'Neal
Ron Haygood Marco Aldaz
Grover Jackson Col Amanda Gladney –– AFISRA Rep
MSgt Rafael Rodriguez, SENSOR O Lt Scott –– AFISRA/PA
Lt Col Tim Woliver –– AFISRA Anniversary Events Team Leader

2. The meeting started with an address from Lt General-select Craig Koziol, the Air Force ISR Agency Commander.

A. Gen Koziol will be in a senior leader development class at the University of North Carolina during the FTVA Anniversary week, and so will be unable to attend, but he wants everyone to know this is very important to him and that he would certainly be here if at all possible.

B. Gen Koziol briefed some of the transformation activities that have occurred over the past year for the Agency to include bringing the 480th Intelligence Wing under AFISRA and aligning all DCGS units under the 480th.

C. Support to Special Operations continues to be one of Gen Koziol's highest priority. He briefed that the Chief of Staff of the Air Force would have a staff package for his approval within two weeks to stand up the first Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Group, the 361st ISRG at Hurlburt, aligned under the Air Force ISR Agency. Gen Koziol stated there is precedence for this move.

D. There are over 1000 AFISRA Airmen deployed participating in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom, with many of our deployed Airmen embedded with Army ground forces doing expeditionary SIGINT operations.

E. Nearly every Numbered Air Force and Air Operations Center will have a National-Tactical Integration (NTI) capability. NTI within AFISRA is growing from an original 16 to around 120 Airmen. NAFs are giving billets to AFISRA to ensure they get NTI into their AOCs.

F. The National Air and Space Intelligence Center (NASIC) at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base is converting from a Center to a Wing structure with subordinate Groups and Squadrons. The process of selecting the NASIC Commander now competes at the Wing Commander's board.

G. AFISRA recently stood up a HUMINT detachment at Wright-Pat, the first since 1991. The HUMINT det will grow into a squadron.

H. Gen Koziol concluded by expressing his sincere appreciation for all FTVA does for his Agency and the people, and he reiterated that he is sad that he can not join us for the anniversary events.

3. AFISRA event updates. Lt Col Tim Woliver opened the AFISRA Staff update portion of the meeting. Ken Williams announced that Tim is on the new squadron commander's list, with official release date indicating his squadron of assignment due out in early October.

A. Banquet tickets:  90 tickets sold so far. Looking good to have another large turnout. There will be a USAFSS 60th Anniversary cake for dessert, to be cut by the AFISRA Ambassador along with Lt Gen (ret) Clapper, the guest speaker. Not yet decided if there will be wine, or a non-alcoholic beverage on each table to be used for toasting. FTVA coins will be at each place setting at the banquet.

B. Golf Tournament  120 golfers signed up with 24 open slots remaining. Will advertise the open slots through AFISRA/PA in September. Everything is on track.

C. Remembrance Ceremony  The request for aircraft flyover is with FAA now for approval. Once FAA approves, next step is with HQ/USAF to task the 149th for the flyover. Good to go with the bagpipes, parking for them is covered. The program for the event is in pre-publication coordination. There will be a shuttle bus to take people from the Remembrance Ceremony to the picnic and back.

D. Picnic. Everything is on track. Wilford Hall Medical Center medics will be on call if needed. Soda and water will be provided. The 37TRW/CC has approved beer to be served at the event. There will be plenty of food available, with nine booths. There will be FTVA mugs and coins available for donation at the FTVA membership sign-up booth.

E. Hall of Honor. This event will be in the BALA this year, everything is on track for a great induction ceremony.

F. Security. AFISRA Security Office (SO) will need the master list of attendees no later than September 15th to make arrangements with the gate guards to allow them on base. Will need names, addresses, and phone numbers.

G. Closing Comments. We are ahead of the game and working hard to make this a success. President Chris Cook chimed in by expressing appreciation to Lt Col Woliver and the rest of the AFISRA team for the outstanding support in making this event a success. Some of the original founders will be attending the events and this is a chance to rub elbows with some of those who 50 years ago were doing what our Airmen are doing now, and they care very deeply about what our Airmen are now doing.

4. The regular portion of the FTVA Board of Directors meeting convened at 1507 in the Air Force ISR Agency Commander's Conference Room in Larson Hall (building 2007) on Security Hill, Lackland Air Force Base. Meeting commenced with Air Force ISR Agency staff update on their involvement with the Freedom Through Vigilance Association Anniversary Week events.

5.  MINUTES: The Minutes of the July 2008 meeting were read and approved with minor modifications.




1)  Golf Tournament:  Everything is on track. They continue to work on improving the course, it should be a first-class event.

2)  Remembrance Ceremony:  Good so far. The fly-over is on track. Will follow up with the Shriners to make sure all is good with them for the bagpipers.

3)  Picnic. Ordered five kegs of beer, as we are expecting a larger crowd this year, and we will also have more food booths. 200 plastic 20 ounce mugs with the FTVA logo will be available for donation. Will have a volunteer sign-up roster for the FTVA membership booth. For whomever takes pictures that will end up on the FTVA website, please try to get names so we can ID each person in each photograph is possible.

4)  Hall of Honor. On track. Let Bob Sherwood know if you are interested in volunteering to help escort Hall of Honor inductee family members.


A.  HAND FANS for Anniversary festivities.  Doug Holden ordered 500 patriotic hand fans with a flag and eagle on one side and a USAFSS 60th anniversary announcement and a note stating the fans are courtesy of the FTVA on the other side.

B. Vigilant Partners. Jim McClendon will take over as the Chair of the Vigilant Partners Program.

C. SENSOR OLYMPICS update. New dates and schedule. I will get the specific dates/schedule from work and plug that info in here.

9.  There being no further business, motion was made, seconded and approved to adjourn at 1545. The meeting in September is the annual general membership meeting and will be held in the BALA inside Larson Hall on Security Hill immediately following the State of the Agency briefing by the Acting Vice Commander of the Air Force ISR Agency.

Respectfully Submitted, 

FTVA Secretary


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