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1.  OCTOBER 2007 BOARD OF DIRECTORS’ MEETING:  President Chris Cook called the meeting to order at 1330 hours in the SSFCU BOD Conference Room. Attendance:
Chris Cook – President                                               Loren "Phred” Sevening -- Secretary
Ken Williams                                                              Grover Jackson
Marco Aldaz                                                               Doug Holden
Dan "Dap” D’Apolito                                                 Kenny O’Neal
Ron Haygood                                                             Dennis "Rass” Rassmussen

2.  MINUTES: The Minutes of the August 2007 meeting were read and approved. Recommendation was made to send them to the other chapters in addition to posting them on line.

3.  TREASURER’S REPORT: The Treasurer’s Report was not read (something about a treasurer missing in action at some exotic but undisclosed location).

            a. 2007 REUNION HOTWASH
                        (1) GOLF TOURNAMENT. Great event.
                        (2) REMEMBRANCE CEREMONY. Great event. Flyover was excellent and actually on time. Everything else finished up early, which made the flyover appear to be late.
                        (3) PICNIC.  Lower turnout than past years, actually had some beer left over. Good assortment of food, grounds were neat and clean, good entertainment. This was the end of the fiscal year, and so lots of people were tied up at work and not available to attend.
                        (4) ESC MEMORIAL FUND. Between the picnic and the banquet, donations to the fund were decent.
                        (5) HALL OF HONOR.  Will fix the redundancy of so many speakers reading off the biographies of the inductees. On the brochure need to fix rank for Chief Kisling – he was a Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force (CMSAF). One of the inductees is listed as being deceased, but he is actually alive (Doug Holden has the name). Next year an ISR Agency historian will be on hand for guided tours of the museum.
                        (6) STATE OF THE AGENCY PRESENTATION. Briefing was fantastic, Gen Koziol did a great job.
                        (7) BANQUET.  Had a total of 272 tickets sold, a record event. Band was scaled back this year but still did a great job. Entire event wrapped up by 9:45PM. Had more active duty attend than in past years, but do not have an accurate count, even though we did not have as many commanders and Chiefs at this event (did not coincide with annual Commander’s conference). Need a better way to capture everything with a photographer. We had the official Air Force ISR Agency photographer capture a lot of the activities, but there are some issues with sharing government-funded photos that we will resolve for next year.
                        (8) COMMENTS.  Lots of people wanted to buy hats, so it might be something to look into for next year. Comments from Chris Cook: Thanks to everyone for the many years, and sometimes decades, of service to this organization.
            b.  2008 CALENDARS.  Doug Holden.  The calendars are now available for a reasonable donation. The cost has gone up, and so we must offer a minimum of 80 calendars at $17 donation to break even. They are not moving very fast at all this year, and so we need to think long and hard about doing this again next year. Something to think about for next meeting is should we send some to the other chapters for them to use as they see fit? Need to trade 80 calendars for a $17 donation for us to break even, and at the current rate we are 45 behind that amount. The calendars are advertised on the website and in the newsletter.

            a. Heritage Chapter Donation. The Vietnam Memorial moving wall is coming to San Angelo soon, and a motion was made, seconded, and approved to send $200 to San Angelo. $100 will go to the Heritage Chapter for support, and the other $100 will go to the Moving Wall fund as our donation.
            b. Spring Social. Ken Williams will reserve the Kelly Field Club for an appropriate date. Start thinking now about a guest speaker. Comments from Chris Cook: There are a few notable individuals in the area who might be appropriate as a guest speaker. There are a few organizations present in San Antonio, such as NMIA, AFCEA, Association of Old Crows and others. Should we invite leadership from some of those organizations and explore various ways we can perhaps start teaming with them on different topics? It might be a good way to create and maintain some personal and professional contacts. Should we invite some of the troops who have recently returned from the front lines again? (unanimous "yes” response).
            c. SENSOR OLYMPICS.  MSgt John Knotts. The 2007 SENSOR OLYMPICS week runs all this coming week. Monday will be the FTVA presentation and BBQ lunch. Lots of events downtown. Banquet on Thursday with Social Hour at 6 PM and dinner served at 7 PM. Events wrap up on Friday. A total of 22 career fields are represented this year, and with the coming changes in career fields this number could change in the future. Another factor that may impact the number of career fields would be the possible addition of career fields from the other fields of ISR. PA is very involved in getting this event covered for the Spokesman Online. Sincere thanks to FTVA for all the outstanding support, half the annual funding line comes from FTVA; and also thanks for getting this event advertised in the Newsletter.
            d. Special Project. Chris Cook. Now that Grover Jackson is no longer our Immediate Past President, we don’t want him to think he is going out to pasture. Something to consider would be to task him with a special project. With the approval of the Board, can we task Grover to look into ways for us to get involved with "Returning Heroes Home” which is a facility near BAMC to assist with wounded troops and their families from all services to help rehabilitate them back into our society? Perhaps we could team up with CGOs, TOP III, Honor Guard, or whoever else out there might want to play a role. We are looking to build relationships. This is a different world and we need to find ways to actively serve and give back to the community. Perhaps AFSA and AFA could partner as well. Response from Grover Jackson: This subject is important to me; there are other organizations out there who are raising money and giving their time and effort to serve. Those in greatest need are those who are medically retired due to disabilities received in this conflict. The mathematical formula used to calculate the amount of money for medical retirement as a result of these injuries is based on rank and number of years of service, and across the board the bulk of the troops with injuries of this nature are lower ranking and have the fewest years in service which means their medical retirement pay is at the bottom of the scale. In many cases the wife has to quit work to help care of the injured troop, which further cuts into their income. We need to step up and help. Grover will report back at the November meeting with his findings, and he will also draft something for the next newsletter. Their mission statement: The Returning Heroes Home is near BAMC on the campus at Ft. Sam Houston and helps Wounded Warriors and their families heal and reconnect their lives. The website is:
            e. Air Force ISR Agency Annual Awards Banquet. Coming probably in March, 2008. FTVA can do a show of force similar to what we are doing with SENSOR O. We can give the FTVA presentation and make ourselves available for question and answer session afterwards.
            f. 2008 FTVA REUNION. The 60th anniversary of this Agency (and its predecessor organizations) will be on the 18th of October 2008 and there will be some significant events at the Agency associated with that. Should we have the 2008 FTVA reunion on the 16th, 17th, and 18th of October 2008 to coincide with Agency festivities? It is worth looking into, and suggest we consider it at the NOV meeting only if we can secure the club to have our banquet on the 18th. The issue in having the event the last week of September is this is the end of the fiscal year and so nobody is coming to town on official travel, and there are many people inside the headquarters building tied up in end of year financial activities. This kept the participation down at the picnic and possibly other events as well. Another factor is that there are so many organizations that tie their reunion in with ours and are used to being here the last week of September. This topic will be discussed in greater detail at the next meeting.
            g. Honoring our Troops. If you look at the OSD website there is a link to a hometown hero story depicting a military member and their exploits in the conflict. Go to the USAF website and they have the same thing. There has been a recently running dialogue between Grover Jackson, Chris Cook and the staff of the San Antonio Express News regarding our hometown newspaper supporting our troops in this way. For example one of our own two-stripers recently did some outstanding research and analysis that led to the takedown of the Al Qaeda in Iraq #4 leader. A two-striper. We need to tell that story to the public, and we know there are many more out there. 99% of America thinks the Air Force is over there and our only role is flying airplanes thousands of feet above the action, but we have uniformed Air Force personnel with boots on the ground over there, and they are making a real difference. Kenny O’Neal will get with AF ISR Agency A1 to get a list of those who have returned recently and who has received Bronze Stars so we can capture and tell their story. Perhaps hand to the Express News a stack of Bronze Star medal write-ups along with hometown news release forms filled out to go with them.
            h. The evolution of FTVA. Chris Cook. Thanks for all the help over the years, and in some cases decades for all that you are all doing. I asked each of the Board members how they felt about the role they are current playing in the organization, looking to ensure nobody was overtasked, and we had several different responses while across the board everyone wants to remain actively involved. We are looking to bring in new blood. What do you all think about separating Membership away from Member Support? Right Now Bob Baert is doing Membership, Member Support, and our Website and he is doing a great job. If we separate Membership from Member Support that would give Bob more free time to focus on the website and Member Support. If we assign the role of Membership Chairman to Kenny O’Neal then we would need a new Air Force ISR Agency representative. After lengthy discussions on the issue we decided to table until next meeting. Additional discussion regarding follow-on actions are leaning towards getting two new Air Force ISR Agency representatives, one enlisted and one commissioned officer to replace Ken O’Neal as the Air Force ISR Agency Represenative. Ken Williams will look into getting the new Agency reps.

a.  Chris Cook drafted a letter to be sent to all the Life Members, intended to be signed by the new President Chris Cook and the new Vice President Sue Douglas. Sue is out of town on business travel right now, and so motion was made, seconded, and approved to press ahead and just have President Chris Cook sign the letters so we can get them moving.
            b.  Thank You note to General Koziol from President Chris Cook thanking him for hosting us for the State of the Agency presentation and other activities in conjunction with the FTVA Reunion.

7. Around the room:
            a.  Doug Holden. We now have digitized copies of photos from every graduating class from the Goodfellow Air Force Base NCO Academy. What should we do with them? Get them on our website? Make copies on CDs and make them available for donation? First order of business is to give the hard drive to Bob Baert so he can copy the contents.
            b.  Dan Dapolito: People keep sending memorabilia to me on General Larson, what should we do with it?  Unanimous response was to give it to our Historian, Marco Aldaz.

8.  There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 1535.  The next meeting will be November 16th 2007 in the SSFCU Board of Directors Conference Room at 1330.


Respectfully Submitted, 



Loren R. "Phred” Sevening
FTVA Secretary


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