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1.  AUGUST 2007 BOARD OF DIRECTORS’ MEETING:  Vice President Chris Cook called the meeting to order at 1330 hours in the Air Force ISR Agency Commander’s Conference Room. Attendance:

a. FTVA Board of Directors:

Chris Cook – Vice President Bob Cope – Treasurer
Bob Sherwood Loren "Phred” Sevening -- Secretary
Marco Aldaz Doug Holden
Joe Hurst Dan "Dap” D’Apolito
Kenny O’Neal Ron Haygood
Jim Hilliard  Dennis "Rass” Rassmussen
Sue Douglas  

b. Air Force ISR Agency Representatives:

Maj Gen Koziol AF ISR Agency/CC Linda Roque (Protocol Office)
Steve Murray (DSE)  Maj Van Parys
Capt Beth Wood Chuck Ham
Capt Jesus Raimundi   Maj Michelle Lai
Lt Lindy Singleton SMSgt Dan Anderson
Sean McDermott  

2. REUNION ACTIVITIES UPDATE: Steve Murray, Air Force ISR Agency assistant Director of Staff opened the presentation by explaining the "stoplight” charts that will be used to update everyone on status of activities for the reunion. Red will mean a major issue, yellow means on track but not quite there yet, and green means good to go. He then turned the floor over the Maj Van Parys, the Air Force ISR Agency overall leader for the FTVA reunion activities:

            a.  GOLF TOURNAMENT.  Chuck Ham.  Everything is on track. So far there are about 80 golfers signed up, which is more than we had at this time last year. There is room for a maximum of 144 golfers, and around the first of September the sign-ups will be opened up to all of Security Hill.

            b.  REMEMBRANCE CEREMONY.  Capt Jesus Raimundi.  Everything is on track. FAA has already given approval for the flyover, and we are trying to firm up which organization will be doing the flyover.  RIVET JOINT will not be an option to participate this year. The Alzafar Shriner’s will be there, and they have reserved parking. Traffic flow will be controlled by security. Shade and bottled water will be provided. How will we commemorate Gen Larson?  CAG will help, and FTVA President should address this from the podium.
            c.  ANNIVERSARY PICNIC.  SMSgt Dan Anderson.  Everything is on track except for medical support. The 59th Med Group has not yet confirmed they will participate, but local volunteers have been placed on strip alert to fill in if needed. There will be ten food booths and an FTVA membership drive booth. The same DJ as the last two years will be there again this year. Sub-groups (e.g. PropWash Gang) will set up their own booths as needed.
            d.  Hall of Honor.  Capt Beth Wood.  Everything is on track. Ken Williams is in charge of the brochures. After the ceremony the Hall of Honor inductees will head straight to the BALA, and all the guests will flow through the memorabilia room and then move upstairs to meet and greet the new inductees.
            e.  Banquet.  Sean McDermott.  Everything is on track.  The event will be at the Gateway Club, and it will be set up like last year with bars open in side rooms to accommodate the crowds. A memoriam piece on Gen Larson will be added to the brochure. A video will be shown in the side rooms, same as last year.  Tickets are on sale now.
            f.  DISCUSSION.  All.  Chris Cook:  Thanks for all the outstanding effort. The FTVA is comprised of people who were once in your shoes and this organization is open to membership by all active duty personnel assigned to this Agency.  Bob Cope:  We need to keep an eye on the reserved signs at the banquet. We want to make sure we have enough for all the Hall of Honor inductees and their guests.  Phred Sevening:  Today is the 17th of August, the 28th anniversary of the RIVET JOINT Tail 139 going off the runway at Clark AB in the Philippines at 0715 in 1979.

3.  REMARKS BY GEN KOZIOL.  There are some tremendous changes coming for this agency, and this place is growing. The Air Force ISR Agency now includes HUMINT, as it should. We are also placing more emphasis on National-Tactical Integration, where we place intelligence professions in the Air Operations Center to leverage intelligence direct to the shooter’s chain of command. Our support to Special Operations is growing, and they are doing some amazing things. This Agency is the Air Force lead for Computer Network Exploitation for NSA. Thanks to FTVA for all the support; past, present, and future. Doug Holden then presented a 2008 FTVA Calendar to Gen Koziol on behalf of the FTVA Board of Directors.

4.  MINUTES: The Minutes of the July 2007 meeting were read and approved with minor modification.

5.  TREASURER’S REPORT: The Treasurer’s Report was read and filed for audit. 

            a.  2008 Calendars.  Doug Holden.  The calendars are now available for a reasonable donation. The cost has gone up, and so we must offer a minimum of 80 calendars at $17 donation to break even.
            b.  GAFB NCOA Closure.  Marco Aldaz.  No updates right now, as the school is on summer break. There are a few people working to ensure all the memorabilia is properly taken care of as the school comes to a close. Marco is working with current Command Chief Weseloh and th GAFB NCOA Commandant. Suggestion was made to bring the new AF ISR Agency Historian, Mr Glen Kinder, in on the project.
            c.  Dedication of Building 2007 as Larson Hall.  Ceremony was a fantastic success.  The entire event was filmed by the AF ISR Agency media crew, and former leadership entities added their own personal comments to Gen Larson at the end of that video. Gen Larson was able to see that before he passed away, and commented how grateful he was.
            d.  SENSOR OLYMPICS 2007.  This year’s SENSOR O will be 22 – 26 OCT here in San Antonio.  There will be a luncheon specifically for FTVA and the SENSOR O competitors.  This luncheon is offered as a way for the SENSOR O people to show appreciation for all that the FTVA does for them, as well as share information about FTVA in hopes of finding new members.  Request max participation for the luncheon.  SENSOR O staff has already received their donation check from FTVA for this year.
            e.  FTVA Constitution and ByLaws.  Bob Baert made many of the required changes, but the documents could still use some polishing.  Joe Hurst will do a thorough scrub to make sure everything is correct, and send that copy out for coordination and approval by the Board of Directors. Once the BOD is happy, the Constitution and Bylaws will then have to be made available to the general membership for a vote. Dap will publish the rules of engagement in the next newsletter so everyone will know how to do their part to ensure success.  The revised documents will be on our website for an electronic voting once the BOD has approved them. For those who do not have access to the internet, copies can be mailed to anyone that requests a copy, and instructions for that will be in the newsletter.
                        (1)  General Larson founded the FTVA, and his passing is a very big event. The family is requesting donations in lieu of flowers to be made to either the American Cancer Society, his local Church Hospice, or to the Air Force Association.
                        (2)  General Larson made a substantial donation to the USAFSS/ESC Memorial Fund shortly before he passed away, and the FTVA Board of Directors voted to follow his lead. Motion was made, seconded, and approved for the board to donate as each board member felt appropriate to the USAFSS/ESC Memorial Fund on behalf of Maj Gen Doyle E. Larson. Dap will get something in the next newsletter to inform the general membership. There will be a donation station at the reunion picnic, banquet, and golf tournament for those who also wish to contribute to the USAFSS/ESC Memorial Fund.
                        (3)  The annual maintainer’s award is named after Gen Leo Marquez, and wouldn’t it be fitting and appropriate for the annual intelligence awards to be named after Gen Larson?

            a.  HISTORY UPDATE.  Marco Aldaz.  Please get anything for the FTVA 2006 history input to me by the end of August. We are looking to include history input from each chapter. Want to make the 2006 history available at the general membership meeting in September.
            b.  Telling the FTVA Story.  Our website is doing well, thanks to Bob Baert. Seems like there are lots of people out there who count their days in USAFSS and subsequent organizations as among the best years of their lives.

8.  There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 1547.  The next meeting will be immediately following the Air Force ISR Agency Commander’s State of the Agency presentation on 29 September in the Bernard A. Larger Auditorium (BALA), after the Hall of Honor induction ceremony.  This will be the annual general membership meeting.


Respectfully Submitted, 



Loren R. "Phred” Sevening
FTVA Secretary

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