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1.  SEPTEMBER 29, 2007 ANNUAL GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING: Bob Crabtree called the meeting to order at 1220 hours in the Bernard A. Larger Auditorium (BALA), Larson Hall (Building 2007) on Security Hill (HQ Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Agency).

2.  QUORUM.  President Crabtree called for a quorum.  FTVA Historian, Marco Aldaz, determined we have a quorum.  Meeting proceeded. 

3.  MINUTES: The 2006 FTVA General Membership Meeting minutes from September 30, 2006 were read and approved.

4.  TREASURER’S REPORT: The Treasurer’s Report was presented, discussed, and filed.  Of note on 2007 expenses was the one-time expenditure for the General Larson bust that was presented at the Larson Hall dedication ceremony and now stands prominently in the entrance to Larson Hall.

5.  VIGILIANT PARTNERS PROGRAM.  Jim Hilliard.  Jim was absent and Chris Cook stepped in to inform the general membership what a great job Jim is doing in the Vigilant Partners program, approximately $17,000 raised for 2007.

6.  HISTORY REPORT.  Marco Aldaz: History is important, it keeps our heritage alive. Thanks to everyone in their support in ensuring the FTVA history input is timely, accurate, and relevant.  This is the first year that we have included a history input from every chapter, thanks to each chapter for their participation..  Please do not hesitate if you have a suggestion to make it better.  Comment from Major General Koziol at the State of the Agency presentation: "The Freedom Through Vigilance Association is a living history of the ISR Agency and its predecessor organizations.” 

7.  MEMBERSHIP.  Bob Baert.  General membership remains around 1800, thanks for the effort to get new members. We just don’t have the family atmosphere we used to have, which makes it difficult of the new people to realize the benefit of this organization. Keep plugging away, we’ll get there.

8.  HALL OF HONOR.  Bob Sherwood.  The first year we had a Hall of Honor induction was in 1983, and this year was our 25th consecutive years of inducting members into our Hall of Honor. There are a total of 147 members in the Hall, and they are all most deserving. This year’s The Hall of Honor selection committee consisted of eight members, and it is a very difficult process to make the final selection. There were 22 nominations considered, of which four were selected.

9.  Air Force ISR Agency LIAISON.  Bob Crabtree introduced Ken O’Neal as the Air Force ISR Agency Liaison for 2007; he remains in position from 2006. Kenny stated he has been TDY a lot and so has not been able to fulfill the duties of his position as well as he would like. He wants to have a more aggressive membership drive, and he also wants to do a better job of recognizing some of our people; and now that we own the Air Force’s intelligence award program there may be an effort initiated to get Gen Larson’s name associated with something at that level. Chris Cook mentioned that AF ISR Agency leadership wants to support an FTVA membership drive.  He also asked that we work together with AF ISR Agency on an article about the FTVA for the Spokesman, and a Hall of Honor article for the Air Force Association magazine. The Spokesman is now completely online, so there are no more hard copies available.

10.  SOCIAL ACTIVITIES.  Ken Williams.  Ken began by explaining how his part time job is the AF ISR Agency Director of Staff, and that his full time job is the FTVA Social Activities chairman. The Spring Fling this year had around 60 people, almost the maximum capacity of the room at the Kelly Field Club. Remember that the last several years the FTVA banquet was held in conjunction with the Agency’s SENSOR OLYMPICS festivities, which always brings unit commanders and first sergeants in from all over the world and that helps beef up our banquet attendance. This year the SENSOR O will be held in October, and so we don’t have that audience attending our banquet. Last year we sold 262 tickets, and this year there were 272 tickets sold, without the SENSOR O participation.  Great job to all for that effort. The USAF Band of the West will be scaled back at our banquet. Even though they are in the band, they still are subject to deployments, and some of their members are serving our country forward. Maj Gen Dettmer is our guest speaker, and there will be a special toast to General Larson at the event. Our esteemed Master of Ceremony, Chief Master Sergeant (Retired) Dennis "Rass” Rassmussen will only introduce the head table. Comment from Chris Cook: Gen Dettmer planned on being here for all the FTVA activities but his staff locked him into some TDYs that he could not escape. Comment from Bob Crabtree: Thanks Ken for all the phenomenal support. Approximately 1974 a young TSgt Ken Williams worked for me in the AFEWC and he did an outstanding job. You went on to get a commission and do many great things for our organization and country. You have been a good friend, and I thank you for all you do.

11.  SPECIAL ACTIVITIES.  Doug Holden.  We contracted for 100 calendars for 2008 that we are offering to trade for a $15 donation; or $17 donation if it has to be mailed.  We worked hard to ensure a great cross-representation of AFSCs, functions, missions, theaters, and all that went into the calendar.  If anyone has any good pictures of command activities that would be appropriate for future calendars, please share.

12.  CHAPTER REPORT.  Heritage Chapter (San Angelo, TX -- JJ Graham President).  Every year the Heritage Chapter of the FTVA hosts and ice breaker for the NCO Academy partly to generate interest in the intelligence profession. The last such ice breaker will be in Jan 2008, as the doors of the Goodfellow Air Force Base NCO Academy will permanently close, probably in May of 08, due to the Air Force regionalizing all the PME centers. The Heritage Chapter is working hard to ensure all the memorabilia from the Academy is taken care of appropriately. All the plaques are gone, but there are pictures available of many of them. There is a strong effort ongoing to capture as much on film as possible to preserve for posterity. Tom Nurre will be sending a CD of photos that will have all the graduation class photos from the very beginning of the Academy, dating back to 1959. The Heritage Chapter is working to secure all those long scrolls that were funded and now hang in the Academy. They are looking to find an appropriate place for them, perhaps inside one of the training buildings so all the students can see them and reflect on the heritage. The EC-47 restoration project from a couple years back was a huge success.  The base uses that aircraft for all kinds of special events, and all the visitors get their picture taken in front of the aircraft. The internal restoration project is hitting a snag because there are no pictures available of the inside of an operational airplane. The Fred Seivers memorial dedication is underway. We are working to get a plaque to hang in one of the training buildings so we can tell his story. He was a 202 killed in Vietnam. This is a first, and there will be other memorial dedications made to our fallen comrades. The Vietnam Memorial Moving Wall is coming to San Angelo in October. The FTVA Heritage Chapter is donating $100 to help fund that event. Heritage Chapter personnel will be on hand at the wall to discuss our profession and heritage with visitors. Once each quarter the Heritage Chapter hosts all the international students at a dinner to discuss the FTVA Heritage. Coin sales are ongoing and there are plenty available.

13.  ELECTION OF OFFICERS.  The positions of President and Vice President are up for re-election.  Nominations consist of Chris Cook for President, and Sue Douglas for Vice President. Motion was made, seconded, and approved to close the nominations and elect Chris as President and Sue as Vice President. Comments from Bob Crabtree:  Thanks to Chris Cook for all the help over the past year, I have been on a lot of TDYs and so have missed some meetings. Chris often stepped up, short notice, to take over. Sincere thanks for all the help. Comments from Chris Cook: Each member of the Board of Directors is still very much in the fight regarding keeping up with FTVA BOD requirements. They have their day-to-day jobs with a heavy workload, and yet they still manage to deliver for FTVA as well.  Some of our Board of Directors are still actively employed in the ISR Agency, and that helps keep us connected to the current Agency. Thanks!

            a. FTVA General Membership.  Chris LaVeque:  The question on "how do we improve our membership in this organization” needs to be addressed. FTVA started out as a pure alumni association and it has evolved to where we are now. We need to start considering this as a professional organization. How can we light the spark of vision in the young people to invite them into this professional organization, similar to the Air Force Association? The AFA is too general. We are Silent Warriors and could benefit from a younger crowd being part of our organization. Need to find something to benefit the younger people, perhaps something like a scholarship? The younger people need to see this as a professional organization. We need to tell the stories of the older people so the younger people can identify with and bond with the older to establish bonds to last a lifetime. There was a follow-up comment about how the FTVA needs to be in the Spokesman more. Perhaps an FTVA President’s Corner? The Spokesman is all on line now.
            b.  Need nametags at these events. Some of us have changed a bit over the years. There is a lot of "I know you but can’t place the name” going on and nametags would fix that. 
            c.  Who came the farthest?  States mentioned include Michigan, Virginia, and Florida; along with Mexico. No decision was made on who traveled the farthest.
            d.  Who is the most senior member present?  Doug Holden started service to USAFSS in 1949, and he is still very active on the FTVA Board of Directors. Nobody even attempted to top that.

15.   There being no further business, motion was made, seconded, and approved to adjourn.  Meeting adjourned at 1305.  The next FTVA Board of Directors meeting will be on 19 October 2007 in the SSFCU Board Room at 1330.  Remain in Touch!

Respectfully Submitted,

FTVA Secretary

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